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BoxWorks is almost here!


A quick heads up that an amazing number of articles and content will be posted on the Box Community in the coming week as BoxWorks18 descends. For those of you who may want to protect your inbox from the flood of news, I have a recommendation – try switching temporarily to daily digests in your subscriptions!


Did you know your Box Community subscriptions are extremely configurable? But here's two quick tips for BoxWorks specifically:

  1. First, be sure to subscribe to the Box Customer Resource blog and Box Product News blog (if you haven't already) where most of the news will be posted.
  2. Second, go to your subscription notification settings in the community and in the "Notify me of" section where it says New topics or articles posted in boards I subscribe to select the In a Daily digest option from the drop-down.

That's all there is to it! You'll receive a single email each day with the full digest of content that has been posted, and avoid inbox overload. Then be sure to set yourself a reminder to go back to your settings after BoxWorks18 is over to adjust your subscriptions back to the way you prefer.


Hope to see you at BoxWorks18 next week! Come visit us at the BoxStars booth inside the Partner Pavilion and say hello!


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