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Thank you everyone for your patience!


We have our new community structure in place, and we hope that this will help you find what you need!

Thanks to all the community members who shared their feedback in building out this new structure. 


More changes to the Community are planned, including a new redesign, so if you have any requests or feedback, please post it and share with our team!




Hello everyone!

We've received some reports of members receiving far too many subscription emails from the community during our moves today. My apologies for flooding your inboxes!


While the good news is that subscriptions are working after the move, the bad news appears to be that the subscriptions are working during the move - subscription emails were triggered to let you know the posts were moved (presumably so you can update your subscription if needed). Since there were a lot of moves, there were a lot of emails.


We didn't learn about this until the moves were done, unfortunately, so I'm sorry that we did not provide advance notice of this or better mitigate for it. Now that our changes are finishing up you should stop receiving these extra subscription notices soon (there may still be a few bouncing around between email servers somewhere).


But please let us know if you see any more issues as a result of the changes we made today. And let us know if you have any feedback on the changes as well!

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Hi everyone!


Noticed anything different?

Today, we are launching our new community structure, so please pardon our dust during this move!

We hope this change will improve your experience and ability to find what you need, so check it out!


Here are a few last minute changes we made based on the feedback provided by your fellow community members. 

  • We've renamed the categories "About" to "What's Here" and "Learn" to "Explore"
  • We have added more descriptions and redesigned our page layout to easily find your content!
  • We renamed the Current Site Status icon and moved it to the right 


Learn about the previous changes in this announcement here!


While you're at it: 

  • Subscribe to our blogs and announcements for further information!


What about my old subscriptions and bookmarks?

Your links on moved content will redirect to the new location. If you have any broken links or error messages, please let us know!


We will be making more changes and new designs in coming projects, so stay tuned and thanks for participating in the Community today!

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