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New Year, New Me. 


We're very excited for the new year, (both calendar and fiscal) and we're glad to make the Community a better place for you. What's your new year goals and what are you trying to accomplish this year?


For some of us, it's clear that your resolution was to get more active in the forums! We've already had a lot of great conversations like upgrading Box Drive, setting proper permissions and waterfalls, and more!


For this month we recognize the following members:

  • @Rob_Parrish - Authoring 9 replies, receiving 10 kudos and authoring 1 solution
  • @BobFlynn-IU - posting 8 replies, receiving 16 kudos and authoring 1 solution as well
  • @sb712 - for posting some great questions with 6 replies and kudos for asking about Box preview questions!

Check out their responses, ask them a question and thank them for their contribution to the forums!


Thanks for all your participation; stay posted with the Product Updates, check out the great stories in the Customer Resource News section, and stay tuned for more updates here in the Community!

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