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Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, I still want to share how I'm thankful to everyone here in the Community. It's been a fun year meeting all of you and seeing the Community grow with great responses, great ideas, and of course, great people. 


With that said, we need to thank these amazing folks below for helping others out in the Community!


  • @BobFlynn-IU holds onto the top spot with 112 replies, 42 kudos received, and 8 accepted solutions!
  • @Rob_Parrish was awesome this month with 83 replies, 38 kudos received, and 5 accepted solutions!
  • @maryb rounds out the top 3 with 12 replies, 7 kudos received, and 3 accepted solutions!

Check out their answers, and remember to give our members props with the Kudos and Accepted Solutions features!

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