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Hey everyone!

Happy holidays and a Happy New Year to you as well! I hope you've had time to relax and enjoy with others as 2016 winds down. We've had new Box products, a new community team, and now a new year!


Before we move onto 2017, let's recap some of the highlights of the Community!

  • We're glad you came! We had over 4.45 million visits over the entire year!
  • Thanks for sharing! We had over 11,000 posts by community members!
  • Props to you, and you! We had 6,521 Kudos given to other users!
  • Finally, thanks for the hand! We had 512 Accepted Solutions!

We've also had some amazing Box community members who got major kudos from other people!

  • @BobFlynn-IU - 84 kudos and lead kudos receiver in the Admin Forum
  • @dfsixstring - 48 kudos and lead kudos receiver in the Help Forum
  • @nadaoneal - 45 kudos in total
  • @kendomen - special shoutout for being the lead kudos receiver in the Developer Forum


Thank you to everyone for your time in the Community and we look forward more exciting things in the new year. Until then, see you in 2017!

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