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Hope you had a happy Halloween, trick or treating, dressing up, and enjoyed all the festivities this month! 

We had an exciting month with new product launches like Box Drive now available with Mark For Offline! We appreciate everyone's patience and feedback for this highly demanded feature!


For the month of October, we want to thank the following active users for their contributions in all the forums available:

  1. @Rob_Parrish - 48 replies posted, 46 kudos received and 4 solutions accepted.
  2. iancrew - 7 replies posted, 4 kudos received and great points brought up in the BoxStars section!
  3. kenhes - 7 replies posted, 4 kudos received for great questions asked in the WebApp forum regarding permissions!


Thank you everyone for your contribution and check out all the threads available in the forums here!

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