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After hearing your feedback about product releases and the need for a holistic experience, the Community Team is excited to announce the launch of Product Central!


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What you need to know about the changes: 

  • You can find Product Central option under the Essentials drop down, at the top.
  • Product updates and news going forward will have a new interface with a filtering mechanism, color coding, and clear release statuses.

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  • Below Product Updates, you'll see links to Betas, Box Pulse for product feedback, and a new archive section for our monthly product newsletters (coming soon!). All product information accessible on this one page!


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  • At the bottom, you'll see all the icons linking to each of the product categories for quick access.

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A word about subscriptions


Remember to re-subscribe to Product Updates to continue getting email notifications of new product announcements and changes going forward, as the old Product News blog will not longer be updated.


Tell us what you think!

See anything out of place, catch something missing, or have feedback? We want to know, so please comment on this post to tell us what you think. We are continuing to clean up some minor issues as we find them, so we appreciate your patience. Welcome to Product Central!



Hi folks,


This is the week of the new Product Central launch! We appreciate those of you who shared your feedback and we're excited about the upcoming changes! For all product information and news, you can  find it here underneath the Essentials header at the top. 


For more details, check out our initial post here on subscriptions and what's changing.


Get ready for some filters and more new controls coming to you soon!


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