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We are excited to announce our new Product Central space is launching at the end of November!


What is Product Central?

Product Central will be the centralized location for all Box product-related items including Box product updates, Box newsletters, product category pages, and more!


So what's new?

We are excited to announce that our Product News will be transitioned to our "Product Updates" page.

  • Users will be able to filter through product areas and their statuses to find the information that they are looking for on one announcement rather than sifting through multiple announcements and pages to find this information.
  • We are adding a "Rolling Out" status to better inform our customers on the progress of each launch.


We will also be rebranding the product category pages on the community to ensure all the relevant information is readily available. You can also see the most recent updates for each product right from this page.


Will I have to resubscribe to get updates?

Yes. If you are currently subscribed, you will have to re-subscribe to the new Product Updates area once it is live. Don't worry, we will make it obvious with a subscribe button on the page.


Will I still be able to access the old Product News page?

Yes. We will archive the old product news announcements, but moving forward we will be posting all new updates to the new Product Updates page.



Thanks for your feedback and patience! We will keep you updated on more exciting changes to come!


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