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Hello everyone and Happy New Year to you all!

Over the holidays, we've added some new features to help your experience with the forums! 


1. Search before post suggestions on new topics in all forums!


When posting in the forums, as you type in the subject, you will now see suggestions of related articles to your topic. Check out those suggestions to see if the answer has already been posted in the forum or in another help article!


2. New layout for posting images and editing; insert images now through URL!


large (1).png

You'll see a new layout when inserting image with options of uploading photos by dragging files or using a URL. You can now use a Box direct shared link to images from your Box account!


Be sure to check out the edit features by clicking the pencil in the top right corner of the image and you can quickly align or edit your photos. Images from your profile album will be available as well and you can easily resize your photos and have them inline with your text!


3. Preview images in a full screen view!

Clicking on an image within a post will prompt a full screen with the options to kudos and view with the user's profile! View the publishing history as well as the other user's helpful images. 

large (2).png


Check out these changes and let us know if you have any other ideas or feedback! More changes to come, but happy posting!

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