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Hello all,


On Monday, Feb 11th at 4pm Pacific Standard Time we will be performing maintenance on the Box Community to address an issue in our login process. The maintenance should take about 5-10 minutes to complete, but during some of that time the Box Community may be unavailable. After this work is complete, there should be no visible changes to the login process for our members.


If you have an urgent request, a temporary email address will be displayed on our maintenance page you can use to contact Box Support. Otherwise, the Box Community will be back online shortly.


Thank you for your patience while we make these improvements!




New Year, New Me. 


We're very excited for the new year, (both calendar and fiscal) and we're glad to make the Community a better place for you. What's your new year goals and what are you trying to accomplish this year?


For some of us, it's clear that your resolution was to get more active in the forums! We've already had a lot of great conversations like upgrading Box Drive, setting proper permissions and waterfalls, and more!


For this month we recognize the following members:

  • @Rob_Parrish - Authoring 9 replies, receiving 10 kudos and authoring 1 solution
  • @BobFlynn-IU - posting 8 replies, receiving 16 kudos and authoring 1 solution as well
  • @sb712 - for posting some great questions with 6 replies and kudos for asking about Box preview questions!

Check out their responses, ask them a question and thank them for their contribution to the forums!


Thanks for all your participation; stay posted with the Product Updates, check out the great stories in the Customer Resource News section, and stay tuned for more updates here in the Community!


Hey what does this button do? *presses button; explosion ensues*


Don't be alarmed folks, not all buttons are bad and dangerous! On February 1st, you will notice a new button in the bottom right corner which will be our new survey button. The green button will be consistent on every community page and simply click to open the text box and click again to close the text box. Check out the image below.


Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.32.21 PM.png


Have feedback on Box? The Community website? Any Box experience? Click the button and start the survey to share your ideas with us. We appreciate your feedback and value the time you spend with us making Box better. 


No further action needed on your end, but on Friday February 1st, check for the green button in the right corner!

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Twas the day after holidays, when all through the community site, not a creature was stirring, not even a spam bot. 


Hmm, that one doesn't sound as good as the original but nonetheless, we wish you a happy holidays and hope you had a great time away from work and the forums! Even while you were away, some of your fellow community members were still helping others with questions and sharing some exciting stories. 


For this month we recognize the following members:

  • @KurtBaker for being super helpful -  6 posts replies, with 10 kudos, and 1 solution authored
  • @RobinDeSchepper - asking some great questions in the Developer Forum - 12 posts total
  • @SmithTheThird - helping out with a lot of different type of questions - 5 replies and 3 kudos.

Check out their responses, ask them a question and thank them for their contribution to the forums!


We are excited to start strong in the new year with you, so please keep the feedback coming, and we'll do our best to make the Community the best experience you can have! 2019 is already off to a great start! 



Happy Holidays everybody!


What a year it has been for all of us and the Box Community! From our team to yours, we want to say thank you for being part of our community and helping us grow together. We always want to improve your experience whenever you visit so if you have any questions, please let us know!


Looking back on the year, we had some major events and changes to the Community:

  1. BoxWorks 2018 - thank you all for those who showed up and met us in person at our booths!
  2. Box Local- thank you to those who hosted in your cities and started new local chapters with us this year! 
  3. Box Product Central - we launched this new redesign for you to help find all relevant product news!

Throwing in a couple of numbers for context about the community this year:

  • Welcome to the 196,754 new members this year that joined and became a part of our Box Community!
  • Lot of thumbs up this year - 7713 kudos for great responses, articles, and feedback!
  • New topics - nearly 2000 posts in the forums, which thanks to many of you have answered!


We're excited for the new things in 2019 but we couldn't do it without your help and feedback. Thanks again for your participation and we hope to run into you locally or online in the coming year.

Happy holidays from the Community team!


After hearing your feedback about product releases and the need for a holistic experience, the Community Team is excited to announce the launch of Product Central!


Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 2.28.51 PM.png


What you need to know about the changes: 

  • You can find Product Central option under the Essentials drop down, at the top.
  • Product updates and news going forward will have a new interface with a filtering mechanism, color coding, and clear release statuses.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.27.19 PM.png


  • Below Product Updates, you'll see links to Betas, Box Pulse for product feedback, and a new archive section for our monthly product newsletters (coming soon!). All product information accessible on this one page!


Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 1.50.45 PM.png


  • At the bottom, you'll see all the icons linking to each of the product categories for quick access.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 1.33.37 PM.png

A word about subscriptions


Remember to re-subscribe to Product Updates to continue getting email notifications of new product announcements and changes going forward, as the old Product News blog will not longer be updated.


Tell us what you think!

See anything out of place, catch something missing, or have feedback? We want to know, so please comment on this post to tell us what you think. We are continuing to clean up some minor issues as we find them, so we appreciate your patience. Welcome to Product Central!



Hi folks,


This is the week of the new Product Central launch! We appreciate those of you who shared your feedback and we're excited about the upcoming changes! For all product information and news, you can  find it here underneath the Essentials header at the top. 


For more details, check out our initial post here on subscriptions and what's changing.


Get ready for some filters and more new controls coming to you soon!


Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 3.08.27 PM.png






We are excited to announce our new Product Central space is launching at the end of November!


What is Product Central?

Product Central will be the centralized location for all Box product-related items including Box product updates, Box newsletters, product category pages, and more!


So what's new?

We are excited to announce that our Product News will be transitioned to our "Product Updates" page.

  • Users will be able to filter through product areas and their statuses to find the information that they are looking for on one announcement rather than sifting through multiple announcements and pages to find this information.
  • We are adding a "Rolling Out" status to better inform our customers on the progress of each launch.


We will also be rebranding the product category pages on the community to ensure all the relevant information is readily available. You can also see the most recent updates for each product right from this page.


Will I have to resubscribe to get updates?

Yes. If you are currently subscribed, you will have to re-subscribe to the new Product Updates area once it is live. Don't worry, we will make it obvious with a subscribe button on the page.


Will I still be able to access the old Product News page?

Yes. We will archive the old product news announcements, but moving forward we will be posting all new updates to the new Product Updates page.



Thanks for your feedback and patience! We will keep you updated on more exciting changes to come!



Hope you had a happy Halloween, trick or treating, dressing up, and enjoyed all the festivities this month! 

We had an exciting month with new product launches like Box Drive now available with Mark For Offline! We appreciate everyone's patience and feedback for this highly demanded feature!


For the month of October, we want to thank the following active users for their contributions in all the forums available:

  1. @Rob_Parrish - 48 replies posted, 46 kudos received and 4 solutions accepted.
  2. iancrew - 7 replies posted, 4 kudos received and great points brought up in the BoxStars section!
  3. kenhes - 7 replies posted, 4 kudos received for great questions asked in the WebApp forum regarding permissions!


Thank you everyone for your contribution and check out all the threads available in the forums here!


It's now fall and that means orange leaves, daylight saving time, and of course pumpkin spice latte's. What a season indeed. Thanks to all the our community members for participating and sharing your feedback with us through the Community. We have some exciting new launches coming soon at the end of this October month so stay tuned in the Product News blog.


For the month of September, we recognize the following active users for their contributions in all the forums available:

  1. @Rob_Parrish - 29 replies posted, 28 kudos received and 2 solutions accepted.
  2. @MarcWUW- 11 replies posted ,2 kudos received for sharing his CLI error with = developers.
  3. @BobFlynn-IU - 10 replies posted, 8 kudos received.


Thank you everyone for your contribution and check out all the threads available in the forums here!



Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last... never mind, you know the song! Hey, I hope some of you swung by the BoxStars booth at BoxWorks and met with us! We're always glad to connect with you offline and online and we hope BoxWorks was an enjoyable experience. 


With that being said, we got to recognize our top Community members in person, and this year we honored @BobFlynn-IU and @Rob_Parrish for being our top Community advocates for the 2017-2018 season.


Check out their expert answers in the forum!


For the month of August, we recognize the following active users for their contributions in all the forums available:

  1. @iancrew - 4 replies posted, 1 kudos received and 2 solutions accepted with G-Suite integration posts
  2. @jdeveaux - 4 replies posted ,4 kudos received for sharing his thoughts with BoxStars folks
  3. @killerz - 4 replies posted, 1 kudos received for the help with API calls and feedback on integrations


Thank you everyone for your contribution and check out all the threads available in the forums here!


BoxWorks is almost here!


A quick heads up that an amazing number of articles and content will be posted on the Box Community in the coming week as BoxWorks18 descends. For those of you who may want to protect your inbox from the flood of news, I have a recommendation – try switching temporarily to daily digests in your subscriptions!


Did you know your Box Community subscriptions are extremely configurable? But here's two quick tips for BoxWorks specifically:

  1. First, be sure to subscribe to the Box Customer Resource blog and Box Product News blog (if you haven't already) where most of the news will be posted.
  2. Second, go to your subscription notification settings in the community and in the "Notify me of" section where it says New topics or articles posted in boards I subscribe to select the In a Daily digest option from the drop-down.

That's all there is to it! You'll receive a single email each day with the full digest of content that has been posted, and avoid inbox overload. Then be sure to set yourself a reminder to go back to your settings after BoxWorks18 is over to adjust your subscriptions back to the way you prefer.


Hope to see you at BoxWorks18 next week! Come visit us at the BoxStars booth inside the Partner Pavilion and say hello!


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