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In preparation for our upcoming move, the Box Community will be in read-only mode starting on 8/18 at 6pm PST! 


What you should know: 

  • Box Community is migrating to Zendesk on August 20th. 
  • Box Community will be in read-only mode starting on 8/18 at 6pm PST for scheduled migration activities until the official move on 8/20. This means users will not be able to add any new content to Box Community at this time. 
  • Product Announcements will be published up until 8/17 and will resume once migrated after 8/20.


What to expect after August 20th: 

  • All links will automatically redirect to the new link ( Although there are redirects in place, as a best practice, please update your link to the redirected link. To update a link, navigate to the Box Community link that you have saved in a bookmark or in a document. The page will automatically re-direct you to another page that starts with This is the new URL that you want to replace in your bookmark or document. 
  • Subscriptions to articles will not be migrated as part of this change. To re-subscribe, click 'Follow' after being redirected to the new article URL.
  • Kudos in the Discussion Forums will not be migrated over and Forum 'votes' on a particular post will start at 0.


Thanks for your patience during this move, and we look forward to seeing you on the new Community!


We are excited to announce that we've made some minor and impactful improvements to our support website and help center. These updates will provide a better experience when engaging with our Support team.



  • Many Box Community links you've bookmarked in the past will be redirected to a new URL. We recommend  bookmarking the new URL to mitigate any future deprecation of these redirects.
  •  Subscriptions to support articles will not be migrated as part of this change. To re-subscribe, click 'Follow' after being redirected to the new article URL.


If you have any further questions about this change, please reach out to our Support team here


It's been a fun week, sharing with you all these amazing members and stories on the Community. The common theme I see in all these answers and stories is a desire for all of us to transform the way we work in a community that encourages and helps each other along the way. We want to continue to be that platform and venue for all of you, so please continue to provide that feedback and make this your community.


Last, but certainly not least, we have @Rob_Parrish, a fellow Box Certified Professional, Higher Ed Advisory Board member, and another longtime Community champion. You'll usually find him in the Web App Forums or the Desktop app forums, but Rob is always willing to share his thoughts as a Box admin and the best practices for end users.


Please give a read below and a kudos for @Rob_Parrish!


Why do you visit the Community Forums?

I enjoy being associated with positive communities and have found that environment at Box.  Box Community is a helpful group of users coming together to provide birds-of-a-feather style assistance and solutions that are difficult to provide from a service desk style support system.  When real world experience moderated by top notch professionals comes together the user base will better served and flourish.


What have you learned by participating in the forums?

The Box forums have helped me as an Admin make sense of fragmented information and find solutions to problems that I don't see in a typical day at my job.  I enjoy the troubleshooting aspect of using what I know and the resources available through the Box community to offer solutions to forum questions.  Providing a solution to someone brings me a strong sense of accomplishment that not only have I helped this one person, but the solution will be here for others to find in the future.


Do you have a favorite memory that involves the Box Community?

I always strive to provide a quick and concise answer/solution to users. The first time one of my suggestions was accepted as a solution really made me feel like I was contributing, and when I received my BCP star after completing my certification that little icon really did make my day.


Thank you Rob for your kind words and awesome help!

And with that last story, it's a wrap for the Community's birthday celebration week! We say thank you for making this Community special and accompanying us on the cloud content management journey.


Next up, we have Cathleen from the Scaled Customer Success team, who's always thinking about how to provide the best experience for customers in a 10x way. She has been a huge advocate for helpful resources like the Getting Started Guide for New Admins and can help answer a strategic "how-to" question when asked. 



Please give a read below and a kudos for @ccardoza!


Why do you visit the Community?
I visit to help route customers to technical articles, "how to" guidance, and other customer resources like our Box University class list and Box Stars program. Community has been a wonderful, all-encompassing resource to teach customers to use as their one-stop shop for Box resources.

What have you learned by participating in the forums?
The forums help me consider the many different uses of the Box product, for customers of all different sizes. Box is one of those unique products that can apply to any size company, and all industries, so it's helpful to get perspective on how different customers interact with the product and product information. Community helps provide that context to improve our Customer Success teams.


What has been your favorite memory in the Community?

I am regularly speaking with customers directly or through walkthrough, so I am glad to be having the same strategic conversations on the Community for others to read and learn. It has been a real pleasure to know that other Box admins have referenced that conversation thread about waterfall permissions during their on-boarding process. The shared learning is what the Community is all about.

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It's Day 3 of our celebration week, and today is the official birthday of our Community, June 26th, 2012 - back on a different platform and with much less programs and members, we started with our first Community program to help customers in their Box journey. 


For our next Community advocate, we want to help recognize @dherrick who is a Box Certified Professional, a helpful voice who calls out great product feedback, and has been active in our BoxStars and other advocacy programs. If you don't see him at BoxWorks, you can always ask David a question on the Community here!




Please give a read below and a kudos for @dherrick!


Why do you visit the Community Forums?

I peek in from time-to-time to glean any sort of information from a variety of sources. Often information and ideas that are shared here help me in my endeavors for building a successful tech stack with a solid foundation of cloud collaboration.


What have you learned by participating in the forums?

There's always multiple moving workflow parts with cause and effect resulting from Box permissions and company-wide settings. Cloud deployments share a lot of the same challenges and it's nice to learn about solutions from end-users that are solving for real-world collaboration processes.


Do you have a favorite memory that involves the Box Community?

Attending BoxWorks and BoxStars was a great start to opening up opportunities to navigate the Box Cloud with like minded people. The camaraderie built there, carries over to the Box Community. It's a secret tool admins have in their back pocket that often sheds light on problems solved in a way that might not have been thought about at first attempts. There aren't any favorites that stick out, in general, it's just more useful when problems are worked on and solved together. Fellow Boxers tend to reach out more than other forums I frequent.

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Continuing with our Box Community celebration, we want to recognize one of our own Boxers who has been a wonderful advocate to other developers. She's been a key member of our Product Support team, now as a Technical Support Engineer based out of our Austin office, but you can easily find her answers and activity in the Developer forum here!



Please give a read below and a kudos for @kourt, a Box Community champion!


Why do you help others in the Community Forums?
I love helping others learn to use the Box API so they can see what an amazing and powerful tool it is! As a Boxer in a customer facing role, the forums are a great place to see what's at the top of our customer's minds and what I can do in my power to actively help improve their experience.


What have you learned by participating in the forums?
The more questions I answer, the better support I provide as a member of our Product Support team. In addition to working in the forums, I've seen a lot of customer feedback that I'm able to ensure to be seen by the proper internal parties. Features like the File Request Links gained a lot of traction and support thanks to users who shared their ideas and use cases in the forum, and later in Box Pulse


What has been your favorite memory in the Community?
A couple weeks ago, a member of our Tier 1 Product Support team received a support ticket referencing an answer I gave on the forum months prior. It's always great to see Box customers leveraging this resource to help themselves! You never know the future impact you're going to have just by answering a forum post.


Thank you Kourtney for your help and time on the Community, and check out her answers and profile here. Stay tuned as we continue recognizing our Community advocates this week!


Hello Community members!


Today is a special day, as we celebrate our 7th anniversary of the launch of our Community this week, beginning June 24th. We are so happy to have a diverse set of users from different companies, industries, and countries all participating in our special community together. 


Over the years, we've made a lot of changes to the Community. Give us kudos if you remember these days:

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 2.30.21 PM.png


We've come a long way since then; over the years we've introduce new resources for you to engage in the Community:

 If you haven't already, make sure you're subscribing to these great resources on the Community!


But despite all the bells and whistles we add to the sites, it's ultimately you, the users that make this community special. Everyday, we receive a lot of posts and feedback, and we are always doing our best to make sure we're listening to your voices. It makes a Community Manager wonder, what keeps you coming back to the Community?


So that's what we did: asking customers, developers, and even Boxers, to highlight what they appreciate about this Community space. During this week, you'll hear 5 different stories about how the Community has been a great tool and resource for each person. 


First on deck, we have a member who's been with part of the Box Community since the beginning: @BobFlynn-IU !


You see him answering posts on forums or clarifying expectations on product announcements, but Bob is always helping everyone with a question. He's a recognized Community advocate, Box Certified Professional member, and a fellow Higher Education advisory board member.



Please give a read below and a kudos for @BobFlynn-IU!


Why do you visit the Community Forums?

The Box Community site gives me access to Box's published knowledge base. While the Box KB is good, it quite naturally presents the information how Box thinks about it. That is often not the same as how users do. The Box Community Forums provide a space for users to get answers to the questions "between" the KB entries.  Users of all levels post and they are generally answered by Box's many experienced users and Box Certified Professionals.


What have you learned by participating in the forums?

I've learned a lot from fellow users. Not only have I picked up a lot of tips and techniques, but the variety of questions and perspectives other users bring to the Forums have helped me be a better Box admin. When I have a deeper understanding of the challenges end users face, it helps me serve my users better.


Do you have a favorite memory that involves the Box Community?

My best Box Community memories fall into two categories. At the top are those times I've not only been able to help an end user get the answer they need, but I've also led them to a deeper understanding of some key distinction in Box. It ends in more of a lightbulb moment. At the other end of the spectrum are the interactions with users who come with a more human issue than a technical one. One example was the owner of a company who didn't want his Box admin to have the ability to see his personal folders in Box. When suggestions of controls and monitoring techniques did not placate him, and when an explanation that his old file server had a sysadmin with similar rights did not reassure him, I said his only other option was to get a Box admin he trusted to do his job with integrity. I doubt that response was kudoed, but that's how it goes sometimes.



Thank you Bob for your help and time on the Community! Stay tuned for more stories on the Community this week!


Hello everyone,


Currently, Community members are able to comment on blog posts, product idea updates, and of course on forum discussions. With the great feedback and conversations we receive from you, we've decided to allow comments for all knowledge base articles on the Community!


The interface will be similar to what you've seen when you have wanted to comment on a blog or a forum. You'll see the end of the article followed by the Version History, Contributors,  and then the Comment Section beneath.


Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 12.52.09 PM.png


What's an appropriate comment for a knowledge base article?

The general rule that we will advise is if you see an error or a part of the knowledge base article that needs to be updated or fixed, feel free to comment on the knowledge base. If it's a suggestion that you believe will help the rest of the community and not specifically to an account or a user, then comment for both the authors of the article and the users who view the article.


If we don't think that your comment is in the right place or may be better suited for product feedback/discussion, our moderator teams will move your comment as a new topic in the Forums instead.




Hi everyone!


Some of you may have noticed a recent change in the editor pages we use on the community - we've added some editor toolbar enhancements!


Three items of note – @ content mentions, toolbar changes, and the removal of editor tabs:

  1. @ content mentions – Content Mentions enable users to call out specific posts within the body of a message. Similar to @ user mentions, It's a way to quickly embed a link to other content in the community. Content mentions are supported in all conversation styles in both topics and replies/comments. Give it a try today – enter the @ symbol and start typing! Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 1.13.00 PM.png


  2. Toolbar changes – The biggest visible changes are to the editor toolbars, which have been optimized for specific discussion styles and size formats, and they have also standardized the drop-down menu options across all the toolbars. One important addition to the toolbar is the Edit Source Code button (<>) which allows for access to the source code for clean up or more advanced HTML edits
    • New Topic Editor Forum Editor v2.png


    • Reply/Comment Editor  Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 12.55.43 PM.png


    • Edit Source Code (toolbar button and pop-up window)Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.59.22 PM.png




  3. Removal of editor tabs – the old editor provided separate tabs for Rich Text, HTML and Preview. These tabs have been removed, and the HTML capability has been enabled as a toolbar button. 


Hope these changes help make posting easier for you on the Box Community!



This February, on Groundhog Day, we were officially told by the all powerful groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, that he could not see his shadow and thus, we are having an early spring. Stay warm folks, and hope everyone is doing well this winter. 


Thank you those who were participating in the forums this month - folks were asking about the new Box Sync Uninstaller, security classifications, and more


For this month we recognize the following members:

  • @Rob_Parrish - Authoring 13 replies, receiving 10 kudos and authoring 2 solution
  • @BobFlynn-IU - posting 8 replies, receiving 3 kudos and authoring 1 solution as well
  • @iancrew1  - posting 8 replies as well, receiving 3 kudos in the Web App forum.

Check out their responses, ask them a question and thank them for their contribution to the forums!


Thanks for all your participation; stay posted with the Product Updates, check out the great stories in the Customer Resource News section, and stay tuned for more updates here in the Community!

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Hello all,


On Monday, Feb 11th at 4pm Pacific Standard Time we will be performing maintenance on the Box Community to address an issue in our login process. The maintenance should take about 5-10 minutes to complete, but during some of that time the Box Community may be unavailable. After this work is complete, there should be no visible changes to the login process for our members.


If you have an urgent request, a temporary email address will be displayed on our maintenance page you can use to contact Box Support. Otherwise, the Box Community will be back online shortly.


Thank you for your patience while we make these improvements!




New Year, New Me. 


We're very excited for the new year, (both calendar and fiscal) and we're glad to make the Community a better place for you. What's your new year goals and what are you trying to accomplish this year?


For some of us, it's clear that your resolution was to get more active in the forums! We've already had a lot of great conversations like upgrading Box Drive, setting proper permissions and waterfalls, and more!


For this month we recognize the following members:

  • @Rob_Parrish - Authoring 9 replies, receiving 10 kudos and authoring 1 solution
  • @BobFlynn-IU - posting 8 replies, receiving 16 kudos and authoring 1 solution as well
  • @sb712 - for posting some great questions with 6 replies and kudos for asking about Box preview questions!

Check out their responses, ask them a question and thank them for their contribution to the forums!


Thanks for all your participation; stay posted with the Product Updates, check out the great stories in the Customer Resource News section, and stay tuned for more updates here in the Community!

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