Upcoming Changes for Support Knowledge Base Articles

Box Employee

We are excited to announce that we've made some minor and impactful improvements to our support website and help center. These updates will provide a better experience when engaging with our Support team.



  • Many Box Community links you've bookmarked in the past will be redirected to a new URL. We recommend  bookmarking the new URL to mitigate any future deprecation of these redirects.
  •  Subscriptions to support articles will not be migrated as part of this change. To re-subscribe, click 'Follow' after being redirected to the new article URL.


If you have any further questions about this change, please reach out to our Support team here

Occasional Contributor

Please clarify: Will these changes affect what I know as "Product Updates" (Community > Product Central > Product Updates) as well?

Thank you.

Community Manager
@rcorvino Thanks for the question! For the upcoming changes “Product Central” will not be impacted.
First-time Contributor

My system is saying its out of memory. But, I know I should have more memory that's it's showing. Can you please research this for me?

Community Manager

Hi @bholbrook - Our support team would be happy to assist! Please visit https://support.box.com and engage with us through any of the available support channels there.