The Box Use Case Library is Here!

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Box is a powerful platform, capable of delivering on the promise of cloud content management in organizations both large and small. But technology is only a piece of the puzzle - the real value is in how Box is applied to solve problems by businesses and teams around the world.


Enter the Box Use Case Library - our place to capture and share these stories with the Box Community!




Our mission is to seek out all the ways our customers have put Box into action, and share them here in a single place. Here's a peek at the latest stories we've posted:

New stories will be added to the Box Use Case Library every week, so be sure to subscribe to find out more!


And we want to hear what you think:

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  • Want to know more? Reply with your question and help us expand the story!
  • Have a similar story? Share it with the community in the comments!


We believe the Box Use Case Library will grow and become the premier resource for learning about the art of the possible with Box. Looking forward to sharing more with the community in the days to come!


Questions or comments? We love 'em! Post your thoughts below!

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I was excited to check it out, but I get the following error message when I click the link "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action."





Update: Oddly, I tried one of the links to a specific use case listed, and I was able to get there and then "back up" to the main folder using the link to the Box Use Case Library on the top of that page, so I'm in, but I still get the error message if I try to go from the link to the Box Use Case Library in this post.

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Thanks for finding that @julie_daniels, I have fixed the link in the post!


You can also access the Box Use Case Library by navigating to the Explore section, where it is listed just beneath the links to Box Education and Box Guides.


Thanks again for pointing that out!