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First-time Contributor

You are so funny!!  I am 77 years old and do not do videos. Spent all afternoon tryinging to return my BOX files to readible size. I have NO idea what i did to shrink BOX. It is only probram on my computer involved. Everything else running correctly. Also, on my laptop, it is working normally.  My desktop is involved and I can not read. I was able to print by using laptop to so what I wanted.  I could not find telephone number to contact a real person. Am I the only old crazy woman that needs verbal help ...willing to pay.  

Judy Webb, ***email address removed for privacy***  Thanks.

Community Manager



Hi Judy!


I can definitely appreciate that videos are not for everyone! But we hope that those with the ability and inclination might send us their story so we can make Box better.


About your specific problem, I can think of a few things that might be happening to shrink your screen. The first and simplest thing to check is whether the zoom option in your web browser for the Box page has been adjusted.


When viewing your files in Box, try this:

  • On a Mac: Hold down the Command key and press 0 (the number zero, not the letter 'o')
  • On a Windows PC: Hold dow the CTRL key and press 0 (again the number zero, not the letter 'o')


That could be the quick fix you need. If not, fortunately you don't need to create a video to get help using Box! View this page for options, including searching KB articles. asking a question or viewing solutions on the forums, or contacting Box Support directly.



Hope that helps!