New Box Drive Resources

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Hi everyone!


As you can tell by our banner, we have recently launched our public beta for Box Drive!

Check out our launch announcement here and download Box Drive here!


To support this new product, we have launched our Box Drive Public Beta Resource Center

You can find admin change guides, help articles, and Box Education courses to help you learn more about Box Drive!


Thanks everyone for your time in the Community and look forward to hearing your feedback!

New Contributor

I have two computers (iMac in home office & Macbook Pro for traveling). 

I would like to try Box drive on my Macbook before changing over my iMac, can I use both using one login to both computers? 



Occasional Contributor

@OHPJulie This works fine on multiple computers. I have it installed on both my work laptop (MacBook Pro) and my home computer (iMac).

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I have 2 macbooks and 2 Dell XPS 13's running Ubuntu 16.  I can get box working on the macs, but I'm having trouble with the Dell's

Any chance you'll support the most popular OS on the planet this century? 

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First off, let me just say how much our team at AECOM benefits from using Box with Box-Drive. Our collaboration from multiple offices is improving so much!


One improvement that could be made, is an auto-locking option for files that could prevent colleagues from overwriting each-other's work from a single file.


I know that there is the "lock-file" option on the web-app, and it's great, but sometimes people forget when they're busy and misktes get a maid.  Especially when we on-board a new person to the BOX platform, they make the common mistake of assuming that Box-Drive works like a network-drive that would notify them that "the file is open in another application".


I don't know how difficult it would be to implement a feature like this, but it would be extremely beneficial for our team, and I imagine many other companies would appreciate the feature as well.

Community Manager

 Hi @Matthewrfuller,


Thanks for the feedback and glad that you enjoy using Box Drive!

Regarding your product feedback, specifically you're asking for Box Drive to auto-lock any files that are previewed and edit? Just want to make sure we get the feedback as specific as possible!


Currently, the lock/unlock icon and option in the finder window is currently on our product roadmap to address. Please submit your feedback to Box Drive here directly and stay tuned through the Box Product News blog as well as other Box announcements for more details.


Thanks again!