New Box Blue for the Box Community

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


We will be changing the default theme color of the community to the new Box blue this week!


The Box Community now aligns more closely with the new Box experience in the Box web application, and with the color scheme of other Box web sites. With this change there should be less of a visual shock when browsing between the other Box sites and the community!


In addition, we'll be adding a few more minor design changes to improve the overall look and feel, including:

  • Wider page width to better take advantage of the screen real estate in your browser
  • Standardized on white background for improved visibility
  • Applied the new Box favicon icon  (you may have to clear your cache to see it right away)
  • Removed the drop-down category menus in the header, and made the Community Browser more visible


Want a sneak peak? We aim to please:

 Community_New_Box_Blue.pngNew Box Blue Coming to the Community



Look forward to this change later this week, with more improvements to the site still to come!


In the meantime, if you have feedback or questions about this change please post them in the comments below, or leave us a suggestion for the community site in the Suggestions for the Box Community forum!