Happy New Years! Here's to 2018!

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Hi Community,


Happy New Years and thank you for being part of our Community. It is always amazing how fast things pick up after the holidays, and we are rolling here to make the Community better for you! If you haven't already, check out our recap of 2017 and all the amazing accomplishments that you and other community members made happen!


While you're making your new years resolution, we'll share a couple of ours for 2018:

  • Better Content, Better Box– This year we want to improve the resources we share on the Community, making them easier to find, easier to read, and easier to apply. It's a big effort, but we're already underway, and we hope to share some significant updates soon!
  • Box User Groups online – We want to help you get together with other Box users, so we're working with our Box Local team to make this easier. Be on the lookout for new spaces on the Community to discuss Box with users nearby you! 

What would you like to see in the Community this year? What do you think is the biggest area to focus for the Community team? Comment on the post below and kudos other folks suggestions if you agree!



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For me .. the biggest thing would be to find easier ways to collaborate and connect with fellow Box Stars. I don't feel the current community allows that to happen as easy as it could be.


I'd also like more challenges, and also more ways to show off badges and achievements to highlight our outstanding fellow BoxStars!

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I'd like to see an official channel to request enhancements, ideally with a voting and feedback mechanism similar to Microsoft Uservoice. I'm sending requests to my sales rep, but have no idea what may show up in the coming year.


Even a "requested features" community forum would be a step in the right direction.

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I would like to suggest a capability to merge my personal and official box accounts into one in Box community. Like linking accounts.

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I like what I'm seeing in the community, but a regular blog of a use case and solution wouldn't be bad.  Perhaps alternate across user groups so you hit non-profit, corporate, education and show ways that folks have taken a need and met it with Box.  This may help new adopters to find ways to drive Box usage at their institution.

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I know this is a small thing, but I very much struggle to @ mention people in Box Community.  People don't always use their first and last name as their profile names.  Maybe there is a way to standardize profile names.    

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We need to get users to answers more quickly. I would like to see hot or frequent topics highlighted on the front page so that users don't re-ask the same questions so often. Do answered questions rank more highly in search results? Perhaps you could have a topic of the day or just randomly cycle through entires from the KB or kudo-ed/answered questions.


Thanks for focusing on continual improvement.



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Thank you everyone for your responses and suggestions!  Feel free to comment with any ideas. 


@trflesher thanks for mentioning this! In the next few weeks we will have some changes on the Community to improve our BoxStars experience and collaboration. And keep an eye out on your profile too!


@BobFlynn-IU and @Rob_Parrish, thanks guys and yes from what you've guys seen on the forums, definitely couldn't agree more. We're working on a few changes on how to better present our content on the community. Use cases, on boarding material, and product details are all being considered. @BobFlynn-IU, to your question, yes solution threads and higher replies will bump up the result in a search query, but I haven't thought about a rotating question, topic of the day. Happy to hear more to tackle those common questions!


@harisha_achar@laraknight thanks for your posts! I'll look into this, but currently both suggestions are under the limitation of the Community platform. I do agree these would be super helpful, especially @mentioning folks!


@Saleh1, there are a lot of efforts internally to optimize our product feedback process. Will let you know what progress we make on this idea!


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A bit late to the party, hope you had a fun time 😄


I really love Box - using only the free service, but you guys are awesome, hopefully you keep the great service alive 🙂