Box Community Year in Review 2017

Community Manager

Hey everyone!

Wow it is already that time where we sit back and reflect on a lot of great things with one another. So much has happened and we're thankful that you were a part of the Box Community.


We had a new community redesign, now responsive on any machine or mobile device and easier to access!

We had new product announcements with the biggest Box Works ever. Great to see many of you there!

Finally, we had over 177,000 new members join us this year, and many of you have already made a big impact!


Before we move onto 2018, we had a record year with higher visits, engagement, and answers in the community all because of you! Thank you everyone for participating and making this community better!

  • Thanks for visiting! We had over 5.2 million visits over the entire year!
  • Thanks for sharing! We had over 13,000 posts by community members!
  • Kudos to you! We had 8261 Kudos given to other users!
  • Give me the answer! We had over 800 Accepted Solutions!

There were so many helpful faces, both first time visitors and long time Box users, but here are the top Box Community users over the year. Kudos to all of you for your contribution to the forums and sharing your wealth of knowledge with the Community!


  • @BobFlynn-IU - 1214 replies authored and 415 kudos received
  • @dfsixstring - 427 replies authored 174 kudos received
  • @maryb - 196 replies authored and 133 kudos received
  • @LoCortes -155 replies authored and 129 kudos received
  • @Rob_Parrish - 112 replies authored and 50 kudos received (all in the last 3 months!)
  • @kendomen - 82 replies authored in the developer forum and 115 kudos received 

Thank you to everyone for your time in the Community. We appreciate the help, the feedback, and the patience while we work to make the Community experience better for everyone.


What was your favorite part of the year? Comment below and share what you're proud of this last year. 

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Way to go Box! Box Community is a great resource and easy to use!

Occasional Contributor
having other box users help resolve questions and issues, really adds tremendous value as there are some many different use cases and experiences in how someone is using the product in their environment
Box Certified Professional

Proud to say I made it through the Box Certified Professional test in 2017!