250 IT professionals join Box certification at BoxWorks 2018

Box Employee

The Box Certified Professional program kicked off BoxWorks 2018 with a record-breaking 250 IT professionals eager to get certified. That's twice as many attendees as the previous two years of the program combined!


The participants completed a series of live virtual sessions leading up to a day of in-person, interactive activities on August 28. One Box Certified Professional commented on this hybrid approach: "It's hard to carve out a couple of days to train in general. By combining the online training with group exercises, I think you've found the right balance to make it effective." While in small groups, the Box Certified Professionals brainstormed solutions to difficult Box adoption challenges, working through real-life scenarios and sharing personal successes and learnings. The room was buzzing from lively discussion, white-boarding and some puns from the Box Education team.


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Indeed, building out a collaborative tool can't be done without first considering why collaboration is important. It's at the heart of everything we do at Box, which is why the Box Certified Professional program is designed to go beyond a self-paced technical training to a curriculum where you work in partnership with fellow Box professionals. After all, the best work gets done when teams work together.


"The collaboration day was an interesting twist on a training class. It was helpful to talk with others about real-life situations rather than hypothetical issues," shared one participant. And as another attendee commented about networking in groups, "[It] encouraged me to enlist feedback now that we've deployed Box." This feedback is invaluable as you test your approach and learn new methods to continue driving innovation and results. Plus, another attendee explained, "[These] conversations were a good way to hear how other organizations had implemented change or managed similar situations."


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In fact, the program's focus on change management planning and user-centric design is what sets it apart. It's one thing to understand what's capable with Box, but it's another thing entirely to translate that potential into processes that power your business and excite both your end users and decision makers. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with the toolkit you need to truly implement change. Because as one of our favorite sayings goes, "Box is easy. Change is hard."


In the end, the Box Certified Professionals — true digital leaders — left with a newfound perspective, commenting that they "definitely learned how to better roll out Box."


The Box Certified Professional program launched its third year at BoxWorks 2018 and will continue to be offered at BoxWorks in the future. If you're considering attending BoxWorks, we hope you'll join us for this program! Additionally, keep an eye out for the Box Certified Professional program happening at Box HQ in Redwood City, CA. Check the main page to register for upcoming sessions and feel free to email bcp@box.com with any questions.


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