Route Investment Opportunities to Customers

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The head of IT at a financial services company is using metadata to store and organize investment opportunities within their account.


When this company receives investment opportunities from third party vendors, they use Box to easily distribute those opportunities to interested customers:


  1. First the team defined metadata in Box to classify the opportunities by:
    • price range
    • location
    • date
    • and origin
  2. Once an opportunity is received, they apply custom metadata attributes to the file to classify and group their content.
  3. The team then uses advanced searches by metadata to find the appropriate investment opportunity to pass it along to the correct party.


Metadata is fast and effective way for this company to find critical information and pass it along to their customers!


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I really like how easy Box makes it to share data between companies and customers. Great work!
Box Certified Professional

In step 2, are these custom metadata attributes being created automatically or manually in Box?

Community Manager

Hi @laraknight


In this case, the team was applying the metadata manually to each opportunity.


Hope that helps!

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Other questions on step 2,


How do they know which are new opportunities to then apply the metadata templates to? 

Is there a way to require metadata templates be filled out on new files that get uploaded? 

How are they keeping up to continually apply the metadata manually?

Box Employee

Hi @laraknight


The owner of the folder has their notifications set to be notified anytime a file is uploaded to their investments folder.  Once an opportunity has been received, they manually apply custom metadata attributes to the file to classify and group their content.  As of right now there is no way to require metadata templates to be added to files, but I would be more than happy to add this to our product feedback if that is something you are interested in.    
I hope this helps! 
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I think it would be great to add the functionality to require a metadata template be completed on a particular folder.
Thank you for your reply!