Roadside Accident and Claims Submission

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An IT Director at a major trucking company in the Midwest needed an efficient, easy-to-use way to manage potential accidents and crashes for his 2,500 drivers on the road at any given time. Knowing that his drivers were external contractors with very limited technical knowledge, the IT Director needed a way to minimize their interactions with Box and ramp-up process in the event of an incident.


Using a combination of Box’s folder-level capabilities and automation tools, he was able to create an effective workflow to manage claims and collect documents from his drivers across the country. The Claims team followed the steps below:


  1. The team set up an “Claims Submissions” folder to collect all documents and pictures from the site of a crash.
  2. Leveraging the folder-level settings, the team generated a unique email address for the folder (using the “Email to Upload” feature) and gave the address to all drivers in the event of an accident.
  3. In the event of a crash, drivers would attach pictures of the wreck and claims documents to an email message, and send it to the unique folder address. That content would then be uploaded directly to the “Claims Submissions” folder without the drivers ever needing to log into a Box account at all.
  4. An automation was created in the Box admin console to create a task for the claims managers every time there was a new upload in the “Claims Submissions” folder.


Using this combination of folder level settings and automation, the truck drivers are now able to upload their photos and claim information via email, without ever having to login to a Box account. Additionally, the Claims team is notified every time a driver sends in their information from the scene of an accident, so they can manage the documents and organize them as necessary in the company’s Box instance. Ultimately, Box allowed the company to create an effective way to expedite their claims review process, and minimize the demands on their drivers in the event of an accident on the road.



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When a trucker emailed a picture to the Box email address, were they restricted on file size based on what email system they used to attach the pictures to?
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@jlopez5 Short answer to your question: yes. Using the Email to Upload function, users are subject to the file size limitations of whatever email system they are using. While this limitation is usually around 25MB for most mail systems, Box does allow for uploads of up to 5GB per file in the web application.

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Thanks @Eshton