Easy Upload and Approval Process Automation for Forms

Box Employee

Earlier this month, I spoke with the Community Manager of a nonprofit organization. Their use case was pretty simple, but enabling the right Box features made all the difference!


The Community Manager needed an easy way for their volunteers to upload their documents into Box. They were hesitant to invite each volunteer as a collaborator because this was going to be a one-time transaction. Since you have to have your own Box account to be a collaborator in a folder, they did not want their volunteers to be burdened by a multiple step process.


This organization decided to utilize the email uploading feature for Box. This allowed volunteers to email their documentation to a folder-specific email address, and their attachments would automatically be uploaded into the associated Box folder.


The Community Manager did not stop there. In order to stay on top of new volunteer forms that were constantly being uploaded, he built out an automation in the Admin Console. When a volunteer uploaded their documentation, a task would automatically be generated on that particular document to notify the Community Manager to approve the documentation. Once that task was marked complete, the volunteer documents would automatically be moved into an “approved” folder. This non profit organization was able to streamline the approval process and get their volunteers started faster!


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New Contributor

We have run into similar issues at my work. We have clients that provide us with files all the time, but the email option does not work that well for us - in fact, one of the reasons we moved to Box was so clients could upload documents themselves. The number of documents our clients are providing to us are anywhere from 5 to 100+, and sometimes large file sizes. Email is very restricted when it comes to a large amount of files/sizes. Before Box our clients would sometimes send us 20+ emails just to get us their files!! I think the ability to add them add them as a collaborator is great, but sometimes it is cumbersome that they have to go through the process of setting up an account to do so. Many of our client are not tech-savvy and usually older without computer skills in setting up accounts - there is also the question we get ALL the time, "Do I have to pay for this Box account??" It would be great if we could simply generate "upload links" (similar to Dropbox) where the client/person could upload without having to set up an account.