Box needs improvements... here is a list

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Box needs improvements... here is a list

-Currently no way to see a list of unsynced files or folders.

-only folders show icon online stating synced, files require user to check each file individually which is very time consuming.

-random issues with folders that are created online not syncing to local computer, other times creating folder syncs. Yes, all files and folders are set to sync, this is not an issue with parent folder not set to sync.


I'm sure I could list many other short cummings however if these issues could ever be resolved it would go a long way in improving user experience and eliminating many frustrating hours (days) of downtime performing IT work

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Re: Box needs improvements... here is a list

Yes - totally agree.  I can't see what is unsynced and it will take a very long time to identify going through each synced file.  If BOX is telling me that there X files unsynced it cannot be rocket science to display the file names or paths.