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We constantly work to improve the user experience on Box, and sometimes that means removing functionality to make room for an even better product.  Please review the features below that will retire in the coming months and find additional support information in these notices.



We previously announced that WebDAV support will end on Jan 31, 2019. We have recently announced that we will extend support for WebDAV beyond this date, with a new timeline to be communicated in the future. Please follow the latest product update for future communications on changes to this feature.


WebDAV Support

  • On Jan 31, 2019, we will deprecate support for WebDAV. If you are connecting to Box using a WebDAV client, you will see connection errors and will no longer be able to view or access your content on Box through your WebDAV client.
  • We recommend that customers currently using WebDAV migrate to an alternative Box tool at their earliest convenience. Box Drive or the Box WebApp may be suitable alternatives based on the use case.

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