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Box Drive v 1.14

Release start 06/13; completion 06/20


Box Drive enables you to work with all of your files right from your desktop – without taking up much space on your hard drive.



  • BFD-5973 –Kyle - We’ve made it easier to find and select Box functions from context menus. Before, the options were available in text only on Windows. But now we display Box logos next to each menu option, for both Windows and Mac OS. It’s actually so much easier we probably should’ve done this earlier – but better late than never
    Box Drive w new icons.png




  • BFD-6213 – Sunil – Several of you let us know that when you created new .pdf files using Adobe Acrobat, and then used the “Save As” function to save those new files directly into a folder via Box Drive, nothing happened; the folders didn’t display. So the only way to save these new documents was via drag and drop. Without getting too technical, there was a disconnect between 32-bit apps (such as Acrobat DC) running on 64-bit Windows. Conflict resolution, plus a little bit of detective work, resolved this issue.
  • BFD-5688 – Jeremy – We received reports of machine freezes when customers opened and saved Adobe InDesign files. That was most assuredly not by design. Thanks, Jeremy, for sticking with this and fixing it – .indd files should work now like all the others.
  • BFD-5913 – Ruchi – We called housekeeping to rid ourselves of some redundant code, which should make it just a bit easier for us to troubleshoot things.


Here’s an easy way to find Box Drive on your Windows desktop and move it to your taskbar:

  • In the lower-right portion of your taskbar, click the up arrow to display a small window with additional app icons.Drive icon to taskbar 1 CU.jpg


  • Next, click the Box Drive text icon and drag it to the task bar.

Drive icon to taskbar 2.jpg

 Drive icon to taskbar 4.jpg





Now you can quickly and easily open Box Drive directly from the Windows task bar.


Box Drive v 1.13

Release begun 05/24; completed 05/30


Box Drive enables you to work with all of your files right from your desktop – without taking up much space on your hard drive.



  • We upgraded our installer for a bit of a smoother, faster Box Drive installation.
  • BFD-381 - Darryl – If you received a “finder extension disabled” notification and clicked on it, you were told what to do – enable the Finder sync extension – but not given a direct way to do it. Now if you get that notification, clicking on it actually opens up the preferences pane from which you can enable this extension. A small thing, perhaps, but nonetheless annoying. And we don’t want to annoy you. Really. Even if sometimes evidence is to the contrary.


  • BFD-3652 - Ruchi - Under some circumstances, if you rebooted Box Drive your file explorer would take it upon itself to quit and then restart. We like initiative – but not like that.
  • BFD-5852 – Ruchi – Solved the case of the disappearing icon – if you were running Box and Internet Explorer, and quit and then restarted IE, the Box icon would mysteriously disappear from your Windows system tray. Thanks, Ruchi, for playing Sherlock Holmes on this one!



  • BFD-6008 – Sunil – During internal testing of our shiny new installer we caught a bug that under certain circumstances caused the installation to fail if you were running Box Drive while you were also installing an upgrade to it. Whew – we got to that just in time!
  • BFD-5948 – Jeremy – This is one of those tiny little behind-the-scenes improvements that could help us figure out some more significant improvements. Basically this is a little executable that helps us learn how many of our customers are using SSDs (which are faster) and how many are using disk drives (which are slower), and which in turn will help us make some incremental performance improvements by not creating temporary copies of files before upload. Though it doesn’t always show, we do sweat the details.
  • BFD-6123 – Sunil – Improved stability in the rare circumstances you attempt to upload a Box folder containing a large number of files (more than 100) using Internet Explorer over a slow bandwidth connection.
  • BFD-6139 – Sunil – We addressed a misdirection in which an upgrade to Box Drive via the desktop notification would direct you to enable a Finder extension before Box Sync would display certain icons. But – surprise – when you opened the Finder extension dialog box, everything was already enabled. We’re sorry about the misdirection.
  • BFD-5964 – Ruchi – We’ve fixed a misbehaving “Add” button for people who download Box Drive from the Box App gallery; it would appear as if nothing was happening after you click “Add” to download Box. This is confusing, to say the least. We’ve addressed this so you now know when you click “Add” you’re actually, you know, adding something – Box Drive, in this case.

And in a few super-nerdy instances, our QA team uncovered bugs that we fixed before they ever reached you. We’re not perfect – but we do try our best to find and fix issues before they become – well, issues.


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Box for Android 4.16

release begun May 23; completed May 30



  • We’ve added the ability to preview Gslide documents in your phone.


  • Gif preview – you asked; we heard you. With this release the .gif files you have in your Box account will actually be animated, now.  They used to just stand still.  That was unclear on the concept.
  • AND-8620 – Nyjal – fixed a Box crash that occurred when users navigated back from the 'Share Link' page of the File Information page. That was annoying.  We apologize.
  • AND-8595 – Siddarth - We’d earlier released a fix that addressed unresponsive audio files. See release 4.15.
  • AND-8585 – Siddarth - Before you were unable to upload content to Box from the downloads folder on your phone. Now you are able to.  Now is better.
  • AND 8434 - Siddarth - Sometimes the list of contacts wouldn't display when you wanted to @comment them, forcing you to type out someone's full name rather than select them from a list.  Now just type @ and the first letter of the person's name, and the list displays.  More seconds saved!


  • Updated EMM icons
  • AND-8570 - Jimmy - reduced the number of Google Analytics events
  • AND-8601 - Siddarth - Reverted Firebase Feed feature flag so Feed is enabled by default
  • Reverted to filenfexc
  • AND-8488,9 - Siddarth - Enabled sha1 checks for file uploads.  This improves data integrity for uploads.  We’re still working to apply it to downloads as well.  Stay tuned!
  • AND-7961 - multiple people - Changed title fonts for settings, transfers
  • AND-8546 - multiple people - Cutting down some of the noise, and filtering out update notifications for Google Analytics.
  • AND 8542 - Seema - We removed upload notification options for free users, since we don’t support this feature.  And we removed related events to reduce the number of reported events even further.



The European Union’s stringent new regulations regarding data sharing and privacy (GDPR) are now in effect!  See how Box enables you to stay in compliance and stay secure – while also staying mobile.


Box for Android 4.15

Release begun May 7; completed May 17



  • We’ve made our icons clever, so that rather than the one-size-fits-all method, they now adjust in size, depending on the size of your device. No more tiny icons on big devices, or vice versa.  That’s not artificial intelligence – it’s just intelligent.


  • Performance and stability improvements to Feeds.


  • Improved UI performance when tapping on feeds.
  • AND-8595 – Siddarth - Fixed an issue in which an audio file would become unresponsive when it was brought to the foreground after running in the background.  We heard you on this issue – and now you can hear your audio files.
  • AND-8412 - Seema - Removed downloads from Notes feed item. Just a little less clutter for you now.
  • AND-8528 - Nyjal - Fixed an issue that caused Box to crash when you navigated from your recents to your feed.  
  • AND-8396 - Nyjal - Used to be, when you stopped collaborating on a file, you'd still receive all those incessant updates about how Sam changed this and Maria changed that and Tracy added more stuff.  Now, when you are removed from collaborating on a file you no longer receive those incessant updates and notices.


  • AND-8079 - Jimmy - Save previewed Folder to file instead of Bundle.  Translation: we now use a little bit less phone memory.  Better incremental performance.  Hoo-wah!
  • AND-8561 - Ricardo - Improved Feed retrieve logic to avoid bad cached data.  Because nobody wants bad cached data.

And a few other super-nerdy items for which only a software developer could clamor.


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Box Drive 1.12 

Release begun April 30; completed May 03


Box Drive gives everyone the familiar experience of working with desktop files – except it’s in the cloud, which means easy on-boarding, lower infrastructure costs, and configurable security.



  • BFD-5801 – Ruchi – When Windows detected a disconnect, one of the things Box would do would be to ping to check for a live Internet connection.  But some of you have let us know you normally block  So although this is a good additional way (really!) to check a machine’s online status, we don’t want to tick you guys off.  So we put a stop to it.  Now it pings  OK, we know this is nerdy.  But it could be worse – instead of pinging, it could have been pinging 666.
  • BFD-5742 -- Customers were experiencing CPU spikes as the system would identify an apparent folder-naming conflict and then keep trying to resolve it (what was that about trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?).  Anyway, we looked into this example of machines behaving badly, taught them some basic conflict resolution techniques, and that seems to have done the trick.
  • BFD-5696 – Ruchi – one unfortunate customer experienced multiple crashes on the Mac, which seems to have resulted from one older, deprecated file.  Anomalous, apparently, but no less annoying for this customer.  We revised the file.  No more crashes.
  • BFD-5751 – Ruchi – In a few cases excessive upload times were effectively preventing our user from logging in to Box Drive, instead displaying a “No buffer space available” error message.  So we improved the treats we feed our hamsters and greased their wheels.  That seems to have solved the problem.

And some other internal tidying, cleaning up, and organizing.


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