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Archived – Box Product News

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Take a look at everything that went out, and that was announced at BoxWorks!



Box for iOS EMM Unprotected & Protected Checkbox

Last month, we discovered an unexpected behavior in the Move, Copy, and Share actions from the edit menu in the Files app that is allowing content from Managed Apps to be passed to Unmanaged Apps. We have introduced the ability to limit this unexpected behavior in the Admin Console under the Mobile tab. For additional details visit our announcement.


Admin Insights Export Updates

In April, we launched a New Navigation and Insights Dashboard for Admins. To provide admins with more context, we have also added the user activity drill in capabilities, and additional capabilities with the Geographic Activity report. For additional information, visit our announcement.


Box for Android 4.21

In this release we included stability enhancements and bug fixes.


Box for iOS 4.3.6

In this release, we made visual improvements to Feed on mobile and included general bug fixes and stability improvements. Please keep in mind you will only see Feed if you have it enabled for your enterprise.


Coming Soon

Box for G Suite

Box for G Suite brings the familiar content creation and editing experience for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides directly into Box. Any created G Suite file is automatically saved and managed in Box, ensuring that IT can apply consistent security, compliance and governance capabilities to all of their organization's content. Join the public beta
Activity Stream
Our new and enhanced activity stream adds additional visibility into how content is being leveraged across the organization, by bringing third party app activity happening around a file into Box. With the new activity stream, users have a single source of truth where can easily see all updates on a file across related apps, and quickly take action in those apps.  Learn more here
Recommended Apps
The new Recommended Apps feature displays a list of curated applications that users can leverage with each file in Box. Recommended Apps surfaces the right app at the right time for users, right where they work the most. Individuals can then take actions in those apps directly from Box, saving them valuable time by reducing the steps needed to get work done across their app ecosystem.
Box Feed Public Beta
Box Feed Public beta is here! Feed is a personalized collection of content based on whats important to each individual employee. Feed surfaces relevant updates to content, enables employees to discover new content and allows them take action directly from feed - enabling them to be more agile than ever. Learn more here.
Box Drive Mark for Offline
With the Box Drive Mark for Offline capability we enable your employees to stay connected to their work even when they have limited internet connectivity. Users simply mark the content they'd like to be synced to their device. That content will be available offline and Box will automatically keep all that content updated for users and their collaborators. 
Gmail Add On
Streamline email collaboration by leveraging the Box for Gmail Add-on to attach Box files to emails and download email attachments directly to Box without having to leave the Gmail interface. Save valuable time, while ensuring your critical content remains secure and compliant in Box.
ServiceNow Integration
Using the Box integration with ServiceNow's IntegrationHub, users will be able to build content-driven workflows in ServiceNow. This means that Box actions, such as upload file and add metadeta to file, can be triggered from within ServiceNow to accelerate day-to-day business processes.
Simplified Sharing
We are simplifying the way you share and access your content with our upcoming simplified sharing experience. Users will no longer be required to navigate to multiple places to share their important files and folders with one central place to invite collaborators, generate shared links and manage permissions. 
Quick Access in All Files
We're excited to introduce two new ways to view content within the Web App - Owned By Me and Shared With Me. Users will be able to easily find content that has been either shared with them through a new "Shared With Me" page or created by them with a new "Owned by me page".
Edge Support for Box Tools
Soon, Box Tools v4 will be available for Microsoft Edge users. This release will allow users with Box Tools v4 installed to pass Device Trust security checks, "open with" Box Edit from the files page and "open with" Box Edit on the preview page within the Web Application.
iOS 12 Support
Our Box app will immediately support iOS 12 when Apple releases iOS 12 in the fall. 
Admins to Accept/Reject User Migration Requests
The newly created "Admin Tasks" allows admins to see any user migration requests in the Admin Console. In addition, they have full control to approve and reject users to be migrated in and/or out of their Organization.
Video Streaming Android
We will soon provide video streaming support on Android enabling you to preview your video content on the Box Android app.
MacOS 10.14 Support
The latest version of all Box Desktop applications will immediately support MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) when it is released in the fall.  This includes: Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Tools & Box Notes.


Check out the May Newsletter here for a quick recap of everything that went out this month and what is to come!




Box for Google Hangouts Chat

With Box for Hangouts Chat, users can now get work done more efficiently by quickly searching and locating Box files from within Hangouts Chat. Available commands include:

  • Recents: quickly view your recent Box files
  • Favorites: easily pull up a list of your favorited Box files and folders
  • Log in: directly log into Box via Hangouts

Learn more here


New DocuSign capabilities

Now when a user selects a file in Box to send for signature with DocuSign, the user can pre-select the Box folder to which the signed documents should be saved back.


Add/remove assignees in Box Relay

Managing workflows just got easier. After a workflow is launched, users can now modify the assignees and due dates to match the the chosen process.


Template list filters in Box Relay

Users can now add quick filters to the template list for My Templates and Archived Templates.


Exportable access stats

Users can now export access stats in their accounts and get even more detailed information about a file.

Learn more here


Enhanced sidebar with Favorites

We have updated the left sidebar of the Web App to be even more personalized than ever, adding a full list of the user's Favorites into the sidebar itself.


Presence (Recent Activity) for all file types

Users (with the appropriate permissions) will now see avatars in the header of the Preview page whenever other users have recently previewed, edited, or commented on that file.


Box Tools v4

The Box Tools v4 update contains architecture changes that have moved us away from our reliance on browser cookies and onto a more stable and scalable foundation. There are new system requirements that must be in place for existing users to ensure a seamless experience. Please see the Community page for more information

Learn more here


'Platform Activity' report

This new report in the Box Admin Console will now display an enterprise's platform activity. Currently, this report displays an enterprise's total number of API calls to the Box API by day effective April 1st, 2018. Soon this report will display additional resource consumption by service and will include historical data. The 'Platform Activity' report will be available as an exportable CSV file under the 'Reports' tab of the Box Admin Console.


Box for EMM 4.13 - MobileIron, AirWatch & Generic

This update for the Box for EMM application includes fixed Grid View in Preview, amplitude, and a faster upload experience for users, including feed stability enhancements and bug fixes.


Box for iOS 4.3.2

This released improved our loading performance to ensure users can access their content even faster. We also resolved a login issue for some SSO users on iOS 11.3 or newer, along with an issue that prevented Box Verified Enterprises from creating Box Notes.


Box for iOS EMM 4.3.1

With this release, we have added support for single file collaboration for end users.


Sync 4.0.7906

We have released a new version of Box Sync that provides improved upload performance for files as well as other stability fixes.



Coming Soon


Unlimited Version History for Governance customers

Unlimited Version History will be made available to all existing and new Governance customers.

Learn more here


Box Notes copy/paste enhancements

We will be enhancing the copy/paste experience for users to be able to take these actions between Notes and other major apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook and GDocs with ease.


Relay triggers

We are adding new triggers in Box Relay. End users will be able to configure a trigger for a particular template - starting with uploading a file to a box folder and triggering a workflow when metadata matches conditions set in a particular template.


Relay APIs

We are excited to announce that we are working on capabilities that will allow end users to use APIs to launch Relay workflows.


Box for iOS EMM 4.3.2

With this release, we will be improving our loading performance and resolve a login issue for some SSO users on iOS 11.3 or newer on the Box for EMM app. We will also be resolving an issue that prevents Box Verified Enterprises from creating Box Notes.


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