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Correction: We previously announced that Box Tools v4 is now available for Microsoft Edge users. This was incorrect, and we have removed that announcement from this post. Our apologies for the error.
iOS 12 Support
Our Box for iOS mobile app now supports iOS 12.
MacOS 10.14 Support
The latest version of all Box Desktop applications now support MacOS 10.14 (Mojave).  This includes: Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Tools & Box Notes.
Box Drive v1.18
In this release we have included stability improvements, including an update to the file system to reduce the likelihood of "blue screen" crashes due to conflicts with third-party security tools on Windows.
Box Drive v1.19
In this release of of Box Drive, we have included various bug fixes and stability improvements. For more information visit here.
Box for EMM 4.3.7
In this release, we have included the following enhancements and stability improvements:
  • This version has improved support for iOS 12
  • This is the last version that will support iOS 10
  • Users will now see an improved scrolling experience in Feed (enabled enterprises only)
Coming Soon:
Recommended Apps
The new Recommended Apps feature displays a list of curated applications that users can leverage with each file in Box. Recommended Apps surfaces the right app at the right time for users, right where they work the most. Individuals can then take actions in those apps directly from Box, saving them valuable time by reducing the steps needed to get work done across their app ecosystem.
Box Drive Mark for Offline
With the Box Drive Mark for Offline capability we enable your employees to stay connected to their work even when they have limited internet connectivity. Users simply mark the content they'd like to be synced to their device. That content will be available offline and Box will automatically keep all that content updated for users and their collaborators. 
ServiceNow Integration
Using the Box integration with ServiceNow's IntegrationHub, users will be able to build content-driven workflows in ServiceNow. This means that Box actions, such as upload file and add metadata to file, can be triggered from within ServiceNow to accelerate day-to-day business processes.
Admins to Accept/Reject User Migration Requests
The newly created "Admin Tasks" allows admins to see any user migration requests in the Admin Console. In addition, they have full control to approve and reject users to be migrated in and/or out of their Organization.
Video Streaming Android
We will soon provide video streaming support on Android enabling you to preview your video content on the Box Android app. 


Check out the July Newsletter here for a quick recap of everything that went out this month and what is to come!



Box Relay Updates
Box Relay will soon seamlessly connect to more digital business processes, adding automation and customization to accelerate how business gets done. We will be releasing three highly-requested features:
  1. Users will be able to set up Relay to automatically start a workflow simply by moving content to a pre-defined Box folder
  1. Organizations can connect their external systems to Relay to automatically launch workflows via API
  1. We are adding pre-built workflow templates to make it easier to gets started with Relay
Changes to Admin Console Apps Page
We've made it easier for you to enable Box apps on the Admin Console. We've rolled out two separate sections for enabling applications: Official Box Applications and Third-Party Applications. Now you can clearly see which Box Managed Apps are enabled or disabled, making it easier to use Box apps such as Box Mobile and Box Drive.
Box Drive v1.15
This release consists of a visual enhancement to the UI and various bug fixes and stability improvements on Mac and Windows.  There are no significant end user changes.  Notable items within the release include:
  • Visual enhancement – In the Box Drive context menu we’ve added Box icons to the text menu items, making it a bit easier and faster for you to find and select what you want to do.
  • Bug fix/stability improvement -- We've addressed a conflict with Adobe InDesign files and the OS that caused freezes.
  • Bug fix/stability improvement -- We've resolved file load issues involving 32-bit apps on 64-bit machines.
  • Additionally, we resolved a crashing bug on Mac in some user environments.
  • Note: This release contains the changes from Box Drive v.1.14 that was skipped due to a crashing bug that has since been resolved.
New Box for Oracle NetSuite Integration
We are excited to announce that a new and improved Box for Oracle NetSuite integration is now available. The latest version of the integration, based on customer feedback, includes several key additions to improve admin configurations and enhance overall usability.
Update to Preview Sidebar
The Preview Sidebar is getting a makeover, starting with a vertical tab bar model instead of the current 'Activity' and 'Details' headers. This  streamlines navigation and opens the path for future updates coming soon.
Rolling out:
Changes to 2FA
Users will now receive numeric codes when 2-Factor Authentication is enabled on their Box accounts. Previously, users received an alphanumeric code. 
Coming Soon:
Update to Platform Activity Reports
You will now be able to view more detailed reports — including resources consumption by application as well as historical activity that provides archived monthly total usage — thanks to an update to the platform activity reports available in the Box Admin Console. The platform activity report enables you to monitor on demand your organization’s consumption of platform resources.  
Box for Android v4.19

This release of Android includes various stability improvements and bug fixes outlined below:

  • Users will see now an improved upload speed of larger files (more than 20 Mb)
  • This fix also reduced the chances of a ‘lost connection’ error for end users.
  • We uncovered a bug that continued to upload a file after a user hit ‘pause.’ Upon this release, users will no longer continue to experience their files uploading if they have opted to pause the upload.
  • Finally, we fixed an issue where the "conflicts with existing item” error message didn't show when there was a new upload of a file with the same name in the same location. This created a new version of the file on top of the existing file, but now users will be prompted with an error message.
Box for Android v4.20
  • MobileIron Users- Fixed an issue where the Retry button did not function properly for uploads/downloads
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements
Box for iOS v4.3.5 
  • Now our folder listing loads faster with this update!
  • Users will experience a smoother experience scrolling through the Image Galleries
  • We have improved Search performance on the iOS mobile app
  • This release includes support for high-resolution zooming on HEIC files
  • This release includes a fix for txt and audio files in Preview for previewer-only shared-link users
  • We fixed an issue in which Recent files from the 'Today extension' should go to Preview 
  • We fixed an UI issue in which the Preview toolbar did not disappear during Preview mode
  • We fixed an issue where sometimes video files were not able to be previewed
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements
New Box Live App for Quip 
The new Box Live App will allow users to embed any Box file or folder within a Quip document for quick and easy access. Preview hundreds of different file types without leaving Quip for more streamlined project management and collaboration. 
New Box for Salesforce updates 
Our latest update to Box for Salesforce brings Lightning compatibility for the Box Files interface. Access all of the same functionality from Salesforce Classic to ensure Box can work the way your organization prefers. This update also includes several enhancements to the Box for Salesforce Developer Toolkit that allow for more app customization.



Unlimited Version History
We are excited to announce that all Governance customers can now enjoy Unlimited Version History. 


Multizones is here
You now have the ability to store data in any of our existing seven Zones, all from a single Box instance. This ensures you can proactively address your data residency and GDPR-related privacy concerns while ensuring users have a seamless collaboration experience from anywhere. 

Rolling Out:

Preview Sidebar design changes
We're updating the Preview sidebar navigation as a vertical tab bar model, replacing the current 'Activity' and 'Details' headers. This streamlines navigation and paves the way for future Preview updates. 
Learn more

Coming Soon:
Updates to the Move/Copy pop-up
Starting in July we'll be updating the experience of the Move/Copy pop-up in the Web App. These updates focus on loading your folders faster and easier navigation as you choose a destination folder. 
Update to the Admin Console Apps page
We're making it even easier to enable Box apps in the Admin Console. We've rolled out two separate sections for enabling applications  one for official Box Applications and another for Third-Party Applications
Updates to the Metadata Experience in the Preview Sidebar 
Beginning next month, we'll be updating the layout and navigation of the Metadata experience in the Preview sidebar. This update is aimed at delivering simpler navigation across Metadata templates for a file. The update will roll out progressively, initially when opening the Preview page from Recents or Favorites. 
New Box for NetSuite integration 
Streamline ERP workflows by enabling users to access Box files directly from within NetSuite records. This latest upgrade introduces new capabilities such as:
  • Organization of Box files by NetSuite record types
  • Association of Box folders with specific NetSuite records
  • Custom naming of NetSuite Box folders
  • Mapping of Box permissions to NetSuite permission types
Android 4.17 & EMM 
This release includes support for the Android O SDK along with stability improvements and bug fixes. 
Box for iOS 4.3.3 EMM 
This release supports high-definition video playback and includes various enhancements and bug fixes. 

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