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We are excited to announce that a new and improved Box for Oracle NetSuite integration is now available. This latest version of the integration was built with customer feedback in mind and includes several key additions to improve admin configurations and enhance overall usability.
What's new?
Box for Oracle NetSuite allows users to securely store, access and collaborate on critical documents in Box without having to leave NetSuite. The July 2018 upgrade adds the following new features:
  • Nested Box folder structure by NetSuite record types: Organize files according to record type for optimal content management
  • Box folder association with NetSuite record types: Select existing or new Box folders to link to NetSuite records for improved user navigation
  • Custom naming of Box folders created from NetSuite: Name folders according to your organization's conventions for more consistency
  • Custom mapping of Box permissions to NetSuite permission types: Ensure the right files are accessible by the right users with more granular permissions 
How do I upgrade to the new version?
The new Box for Oracle NetSuite SuiteApp bundle is available beginning today. For full instructions on both the upgrade and configuration process, visit the Box Community Site.

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