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We have updated the Preview sidebar navigation to move to a vertical tab bar model instead of the current 'Activity' and 'Details' headers to streamline navigation and make way for future updates planned for Preview. More information, including screenshots, available here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 10.01.47 AM.png




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We have made it even easier to manage your Box Apps from the Admin Console Apps Page . These changes make it easier to enable/disable Official Box Managed Apps, such as Box Drive, Notes, and the Box Mobile Apps. Previously, you were required to sift through our large list of first-party and third-party apps, and this UI update improves that experience for managing Box Apps.
Now, we have simplified things for you so you can easily see which apps are enabled/disabled by navigating the the subsections and check individual or large groups of Box apps. 
Take a look and see which Box apps, such as Box Mobile or Drive, you can be leveraging to enable your enterprise to be even more successful.




App configuration settings for existing Box users will remain the same and you will see the same settings when you expand the Official Box Managed Apps.  

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