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We're incredibly excited to announce our newest integration, Box for Gmail, available today on the G Suite Marketplace. With Box for Gmail, teams can streamline email collaboration by accessing their Box content from within the Gmail interface.
With Box for Gmail, users can:
  • Save emails and attachments to Box: Download the contents of an email, and email attachments, directly to Box without leaving the Gmail interface.
  • Add Box files to emails: Keep your content securely managed in Box by attaching a Box file's shared link to any email without leaving the Gmail interface.
  • Easily manage permissions: Manage the permissions of a shared Box file directly from Gmail to ensure the right people can always access content.
  • Enable robust security: Apply Box’s enterprise-grade security, compliance, and governance capabilities to your email attachments.
  • Easily set up: Install Box for Gmail with just a few clicks and get started right away. 
02 Select Folder Frame@2x.pngSeamlessly attach files from Box or save email attachments to Box with just a few clicks to ensure email content is consistently managed with Box’s security, compliance, and governance capabilities. 
Get started today! Find and install Box for Gmail on the G Suite Marketplace.  
Note: For businesses, Box admins must first enable Gmail as an approved application in their Box Admin Console enterprise settings and G Suite Admin Console. Please find instructions and more information on the Box for Gmail Community Page.
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