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In this release we have included the following enhancements and bug fixes:
  • We have enabled the "Box for G Suite" feature in Box. Users who are currently on the beta will now be able to see and open G Suite files directly from Box Drive.  Users on the v1 G Suite integration will also be able to view G Suite files, but will see an error message when attempting to open the files, and will be prompted to enable the v2 integration. Once they have enabled the v2 integration, they will be able to open and work with their files. 
  • Users on Windows will now see Box Drive can be localized in languages supported by Box, but will not see a localized experience for Problem Item notifications, or the first-time user experience.
  • We have fixed a bug that was causing Box Drive to crash if .boxnote files were opened from outside the Box Drive application.
  • Lastly, we have fixed a bug that was causing icons to appear slowly in Offline folders.


With the upcoming Box for Android 4.23 release, we will introduce the following changes:
• Improved, more efficient audio and video player experience

• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

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iWork Integration on iOS 4.3.9 EMM
  • In November, we'll release the iWork integration on the Box EMM app. This release enables you to preview and collaborate on Keynote, Pages, and Numbers files from within Box. Now you can co-author files in real-time, preview, create, and edit iWork documents in Box -- all while securely saving your changes back to Box. You can turn on this integration for your organization from the Admin Console: Settings > Apps. To enable collaborative editing, select "iWork Collaboration." To enable Box preview of iWork documents in browser, select "iWork Previews."  The iWork Integration Guide provides more information.
Box for iOS 4.3.9 Public and EMM
  • In the 4.3.9 release, we are updating the sharing interface and making it simpler for you to use. In the updated sharing interface, you'll conveniently see all the different sharing options you have. In addition, the updated sharing interface will be the same for all Sharing actions in the app. 
  • Box's new mobile device UI provides a unified and streamlined experience to make collaboration easy. To collaborate, you can either invite people to contribute to a shared file or folder, or send people a separate email containing a link to the shared file or folder.


The Box Web Application is about to get even better, with a simplified sharing experience that delivers a more consistent and streamlined way to share files and folders. Rather than navigating to multiple places to share content, you'll have a single, central place from which to invite collaborators, generate shared links and manage permissions. More information, including before and after screenshots, about the updates in this release can be found here.


Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 4.40.30 PM.png


This update will soon first be available as a Public Beta, enabled directly from the Box Admin Console, with the full launch happening later this year. We'll be providing more detailed resources about this opt-in public beta soon, so stay tuned!



We're excited to announce the general availability of the Mark for Offline feature in Box Drive v2.0 coming October 31st!
We will be launching the ability to make files available for offline use soon. With this feature we enable your employees to stay connected to their work even when they have limited internet connectivity. Users simply mark the content they'd like to be synced to their device. That content will be available offline and Box will automatically keep all that content updated for users and their collaborators.
Check out this guide on Community for additional information on configuring the Mark for Offline feature.
We'll be providing more detailed resources on October 31st so stay tuned!


This release includes stability improvements and bug fixes for users.


This release includes bug fixes and stability improvements for users.

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We will be releasing a new Admin Tasks tab in the admin console for you soon.  The first task we will make available is a better way for you to track and manage user migration requests directly from the Box admin console.  Any requests your organization has made to start user migrations will be tracked here and you can review them for accuracy and approve or reject them.  This will speed up the user migration process by giving you more visibility into the process and control over it.
This new process will enable you to control the following migrations:
  • a personal user account to an Enterprise user account,
  • an Enterprise user account to a personal user account, or
  • an Enterprise user account to a different Enterprise user account.
Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.23.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.23.09 PM.png



Once you approve a request to migrate an account, Box will do the rest for you.  We will launch an automated migration process that frees you from time-consuming procedures and emails, reduces the risk of migration errors, and speeds up the migration process.


In this release of of Box Drive, we have included various bug fixes and stability improvements. Some highlights are listed below:

  • On Windows, folder and file icons were disappearing after rebooting their machine.
  • Box Drive was crashing when an application (such as Outlook) was launched before Box Drive and had a prior Box file handle open.


We are making an update to the way file redirection operates within the Box iOS app.


In Box iOS 4.3.7 and older:

  • Open a link to a Box file
  • The user is redirected to the Box iOS app and the file preview is shown
  • In the process of redirection, the user is taken to the All Files tab and the folder structure is set up with all of the parent folders leading all the way to the file from the link
  • When the user closes the preview, the user sees the containing folder of that file


We are making changes to this behavior in order to better maintain the user's previous state and location in the app.


In Box iOS 4.3.8: 

  • Open a link to a Box file
  • The user is redirected to the Box iOS app and the file preview is shown
  • No additional changes to the UI state and location are made in the process of redirection
  • When the user closes the preview, the user sees the same content they were looking at before tapping the redirection link


Folder redirection will continue to behave as before, taking the user to the appropriate location within the All Files tab.

Additionally, to keep the useful functionality of visiting the parent folder of the redirected file, we are introduction a new menu option to view the file's containing folder. 





These updates will happen in our October release window for the Box iOS app. We will update the redirection experience on Android at a later time.


This build resolves a critical issue identified in build 4.3.5.

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In this release we have included stability improvements, including an update to the file system to reduce the likelihood of "blue screen" crashes due to conflicts with third-party security tools on Windows.

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