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This release includes stability enhancements and bug fixes. 

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This release includes stability enhancements and bug fixes. 


This update is a Windows only release with the following improvements:
  • Enhanced Device Trust logging to aid in troubleshooting issues.
  • Automated crash reporting to help identify issues earlier without requiring users to manually send these reports.


This release of Box Tools v. includes various enhancements and bug fixes which are outlined below.
  • Resolved an intermittent bug that we discovered were Box Edit was failing to open a recently edited file after that file had been saved and refreshed.
  • Signed a DLL in our installer that was mistakenly not signed by Box.
  • Added an additional data integrity check to ensure that files that are uploaded from Box Edit were not uploaded incorrectly.
Note: This post has been updated to reflect that Box Tools v. has started rolling out to customers and we anticipate a full roll out by next week.


In this Mac-only release of Box Tools, we have included the following bug fixes and improvements:
  • Improved how Box Edit is identifying the default application for a file on macOS. This should result in fewer instances of a file opening in the incorrect application. 
  • Fixed a file download issue with Box Edit for certain Mac users.
  • Fixed a crashing issue if Box Edit was unable to obtain tokens in a particular way or encountered a particular upload error.
  • Fixed a bug where Box Edit was not saving a local back-up copy of Single File Collaborated files if the Box Edit user was removed as collaborator on the file on Box after the file was opened by Box Edit.
  • Renamed Box Edit's Finder extension from "Finder Sync Extension" to "Box Edit Finder Extension". The "Box Edit Finder Extension" is used for the iWork integration
  • Included minor bug fixes and improvements 
Note: we are working to provide more information in our release notes based on feedback from customers. Please let us know in the comments if you have any comments or suggestions for our release notes. We may be unable to respond to each individual comment but do appreciate any feedback given.


Box Tools v4 has now been released to all existing Box Tools users.  All users should receive this update automatically.  Please remember that your environment must comply with the new system requirements to ensure continued use of Box Tools. 


Additionally, please take note of these important known limitations:


  • Box Tools v3 is not compatible with Chrome v66 which is scheduled to release on April 17th. Please ensure that users who will update to Chrome v66 have updated to Box Tools v4.  
  • After updating to Box Tools v4, some Chrome and Firefox users may incorrectly be shown a prompt to download Box Tools when attempting to open files to their desktop in the Box for Salesforce integration.  This should be resolved in a future release of Chromeand Firefox.  Users can still manually download, edit and upload files without using Box Edit or they can use Box Edit in the Box web application outside of the Box for Salesforce integration.





Box Tools v4 will begin to auto-update to existing users starting today with the target of being fully deployed to all users by Thursday, April 12th. The update will be applied incrementally across the Box user base. 


If you're using an earlier version of Box Tools, there is nothing you need to do; all Box Tools users will get this update automatically. If you wish to deploy Box Tools v4 to all of your users in advance of the update, you can download the installers here. Please ensure that your environment complies with the new system requirements to ensure a seamless user experience during the update and review the known limitations associated with Box Tools


We have released a new Mac version of Box Tools which resolves issues Safari users were facing in Box Embed Widgets (such as our Salesforce Integration).  You can download this new version here.
There have been no changes to the previously released Windows build (v4.0.10).


Note: There has been a change in schedule for this release. For more information see here.
All users will be updated automatically to Box Tools v4 (Box Edit and Box Device Trust) starting  Monday, March 19th and completing on Thursday March 22nd.  No actions are needed from admins or end users to complete the update.
  • Windows users on .NET Frameworks lower than 4.5.2 will be updated to Box Tools v4.0.10
  • Windows users on .NET Frameworks equal to or greater than 4.5.2 will be updated to Box Tools v4.1.9
  • Mac users will be updated to Box Tools v4.0.5
There are no functionality differences between these versions outside of the .NET Framework they support.  All of these versions are currently available for download as a part of the Early Access Program (EAP) here.
Box Tools v4 contains architecture changes that move us away from our reliance on browser cookies and onto a much more stable and scalable foundation.  This new version includes once again supporting private/incognito browsers & some minor changes to the user interface.  There are new system requirements that must be in place for existing users to ensure a seamless experience.  You can find more information regarding the new requirements here


We have released a new version of Box Tools which resolves a bug in IE where our ActiveX Process was sporadically unloading.  Users will not be automatically updated to this new build immediately.  If you or your users are experiencing this issue, please download and install Box Tools v4.0.10 here.
As a reminder, Box Tools v4 requires system requirement changes to be made in order to have a seamless experience.  You can learn more about the new system requirements here.


We have pushed an emergency release of Box Tools v4.0.8.413 to resolve a bug in Box Tools v4.0.7.411 where Box Edit components were crashing when updating from Box Tools v3.  This issue was isolated to v4.0.7.411 and not affecting updates to
Box Tools v4.0.8.413 is now available for download here.


As previously communicated in a service announcement sent on January 17, 2018, a new version of Box Tools is coming! This new version requires system requirement changes to be made in order to have a seamless experience.  You can learn more about the new system requirements here.


In an effort to allow our customers to validate their system set up prior to the auto-update, we have made Box Tools v4 available for download through our Early Access Program (EAP).  To install and verify this build in your environment, please follow these steps:


  1. Ensure that you have made the appropriate system requirements updates found here.
  2. Download & Install the proper Box Tools v4 here.


All new Box Tools users will default to downloading the new version.  Existing users with Box Tools v3 will be auto-updated in mid March.


The builds linked to above support .NET Framework 4.0 and above.  In Mid-March when we begin the auto update process, if your environment is running .NET Framework 4.5.2, you will be automatically updated to a compatible Box Tools version.  The .NET Framework 4.5.2 compatible versions are available for download here.


Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to our User Services Team.



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