October '18 Product Newsletter

Box Employee
Correction: We previously announced that Box Tools v4 is now available for Microsoft Edge users. This was incorrect, and we have removed that announcement from this post. Our apologies for the error.
iOS 12 Support
Our Box for iOS mobile app now supports iOS 12.
MacOS 10.14 Support
The latest version of all Box Desktop applications now support MacOS 10.14 (Mojave).  This includes: Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Tools & Box Notes.
Box Drive v1.18
In this release we have included stability improvements, including an update to the file system to reduce the likelihood of "blue screen" crashes due to conflicts with third-party security tools on Windows.
Box Drive v1.19
In this release of of Box Drive, we have included various bug fixes and stability improvements. For more information visit here.
Box for EMM 4.3.7
In this release, we have included the following enhancements and stability improvements:
  • This version has improved support for iOS 12
  • This is the last version that will support iOS 10
  • Users will now see an improved scrolling experience in Feed (enabled enterprises only)
Coming Soon:
Recommended Apps
The new Recommended Apps feature displays a list of curated applications that users can leverage with each file in Box. Recommended Apps surfaces the right app at the right time for users, right where they work the most. Individuals can then take actions in those apps directly from Box, saving them valuable time by reducing the steps needed to get work done across their app ecosystem.
Box Drive Mark for Offline
With the Box Drive Mark for Offline capability we enable your employees to stay connected to their work even when they have limited internet connectivity. Users simply mark the content they'd like to be synced to their device. That content will be available offline and Box will automatically keep all that content updated for users and their collaborators. 
ServiceNow Integration
Using the Box integration with ServiceNow's IntegrationHub, users will be able to build content-driven workflows in ServiceNow. This means that Box actions, such as upload file and add metadata to file, can be triggered from within ServiceNow to accelerate day-to-day business processes.
Admins to Accept/Reject User Migration Requests
The newly created "Admin Tasks" allows admins to see any user migration requests in the Admin Console. In addition, they have full control to approve and reject users to be migrated in and/or out of their Organization.
Video Streaming Android
We will soon provide video streaming support on Android enabling you to preview your video content on the Box Android app. 
New Contributor

Any idea on timeframe for the Box Drive Mark for Offline capability? This is our number one user request right now and urgently needed.

Box Certified Professional

You can sign up for the Beta program and use that right now.

First-time Contributor

Where can I download the version of Box Sync for Mojave?  The one I downloaded from Apps is from May 2018 (4.07911).  I still can't get Box Sync to launch on my Mojave system.



New Contributor


I'd also like to know the answer to @saper's question.  I'm having an issue with box sync locking up my MacBook Pro (2015) requiring a hard reboot on Mojave every 20-45 minutes.  Regretfully I had to remove Box sync.  I tried Box Drive but my company has way more folders than I'm interested in searching through on my local machine.


The downloads page on Box.com fro sync only references macOS 10.12 and 10.13 as supporting Mac OSs.  When can we expect a new release that updates the requirements page?



 - Brad

Brad, If you have too many folders in Box Drive to navigate, you can put a folder on your desktop with aliases* of folders or files in Box Drive, as a quick launch to just the items you need. It's about the same effort as marking them as synced folders for Box Sync, with the added benefit that you can organize them the way you want them rather than the way they're shared with you. You can also drag individual folders to your Finder's left-hand nav bar, for those items you frequently reference. -Chuck * Shortcuts for windows users.
New Contributor

@ChuckBoeheim I certainly thought about that, however there is a product that does this already: Box Sync.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be compatible with Mojave yet.


Thanks for the tip, though.

Box Certified Professional

 @bkrawczyk @saper You should start considering that Box Sync is no longer an option. Shift your workflows over to Box Drive and setup your content to enable Mark For Offline in the admin console. You want to be running Box Drive v2.0.70 (works in Mojave too). This way you can "sync" the folders you're used to from your prior workflows in Box Sync. Also, turn on the Feed Beta so you can see recents and files that are relevant to you and the team members you work with most often. That way you don't have to worry about a lot of navigation. Barring that, you'll have to create favorites and MAC shortcuts in your finder window using Box Drive for easier navigation.