March 2018 Product Newsletter Recap

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Featured Products


Box Drive


We're excited to announce that the much anticipated general availability of Box Drive is coming to you on March 29! Box Drive is our desktop app that makes it incredibly easy to work with all of your files — even billions of files — right from your desktop, without using up much hard drive space. Be sure to join us for our Box Drive Webinar to get a product demo, use case overview and resources.


iWork + Box


iWork-launch-image-(from-Apple) (1).png


Box now integrates with iWork, enabling users to preview and collaborate on Keynote, Pages, and Numbers files from within Box. Now users can co-­author files in real­time, preview, create, and edit iWork documents in Box all while securely saving their changes back to Box. This integration must be turned on for your organization from the Admin Console: Settings > Apps. To enable collaborative editing, select "iWork Collaboration." To enable Box preview of iWork documents in browser, select "iWork Previews." Learn more


Launched Products


Box Relay: Changing Due Dates

After a workflow is launched, workflow owners and admins can now change the due dates and days required to complete tasks.


Box Note Shared Links

Users can now use Shared Links to grant edit permissions to a Box Note. This streamlines the ability to invite others to work together in real­time.


Single File Collaboration

To make it even easier to share and collaborate, users can now invite collaborators directly to individual files, instead of inviting them to a folder. Learn more


Access Stats UI Update

We’re refreshing the Access Stats feature to make it easier than ever to see what’s been happening on a file. Users can look forward to seeing 'Edit' and 'Comment' as additional activity types in Access Stats. Additionally, we are streamlining the Access Stats pop­up interface and totals along with the sidebar section. Users will also see more than the most recent 50 entries in the pop­up feed. Learn more


Box Tools v4

Box Tools v4 now supports private/incognito browsers, includes some minor changes to the user interf... Please note that with this new version, the minimum system requirements for Box Tools will be changing. Learn more


New Navigation and Insights Dashboard for admins

We updated our UI and usage/activity dashboard for admins. These changes focus on making it easier to get what you need in the admin console and by providing data about how Box is being used in your organization. Admins will be easily able to see where Box is being accessed across the globe, storage/user/group counts, and segment by key activities (preview, upload, download, sharing, etc.) to understand exactly how Box is used and its ROI. Learn More


Metadata­ Driven Retention

For Governance customers, Box released the ability to apply a retention policy to an individual file via a metadata template. Businesses will be able to set retention policies globally across all of Box, at the folder level, or at the file level ­making it easier to properly retain unstructured data and ensure you are meeting your regulatory needs for data retention in Box. Learn More


Sync 4.0.7900

We rolled ­out a new version of Box Sync that supports TLS 1.1+. Environments relying on TLS 1.0 will continue to work after this release, until the Box wide EOL of TLS 1.0 on June 15th. Learn more


Box Sync TLS Support

We released a new version of the Box Sync LTS (long­term supported installer)that will support TLS 1.1 and 1.2. This will be available shortly after Sync v 4.9.7900 is fully released. If you're deploying the Sync LTS in your environment, please use the new LTS. The current LTS will only be supported for a one­ month period after the new LTS is released.

Coming Soon



Access Stats Export Feature

We are excited to announce that users will soon have the ability to 'Export' the full Access Stats history for a file.

Learn more



We will be expanding Presence to the web experience file Preview page. Similar to the Presence feature in Box Notes, Presence visually shows file collaborators sorted by when they last viewed or edited the file.


Refreshed Navigation Sidebar with Favorites

We're updating the navigation sidebar in the web experience with a streamlined interface and the addition of a new Favorites option. Soon, users can access the files and folders they've added as Favorites directly from the sidebar itself.


Box Relay Updates

Managing your workflow just got more flexible with new additions to Box Relay.­

  • Template Page Update: We are adding more filtering options on the Templates page with quick filters. Users will also have the ability to archive and delete published Templates.­
  • Add/Remove Assignees: Workflow owners and admins can add, remove, and update the assignees for any future task.­
  • First Time User Videos: We are adding in­ product help videos for how to get started with Relay to make it easier to deploy across your organization.


Box for Office v4.1.1215/v4.2.1221

Box for Office v4.1.1215/v4.2.1221 reverts a change made in the prior release (Box forOffice v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220) which affected some Microsoft Office add ­ins. Learn more

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Thank you for this summary, but myself and many users are looking for complete change logs for Box Drive and other products so that we can identify the best strategy to deploy to our users and when documented bugs are fixed rather than hoping that this new version just might have fixed it.