Launched: Single File Collaboration

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We’re always looking for ways to improve sharing and collaboration in Box. To make it easier than ever to invite someone to edit a file, we have officially launched the ability to ‘invite collaborators’ to individual files (previously collaborators could only be invited at the folder level) for our users! Learn more here. 

You can also find additional information via our Community documentation.

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Hi @bushra_rahman: the "Understanding Folder Permissions" KB still states that "users can be invited into folders but not individual files."  I recommend an update.

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Great catch @royal, our team is making the appropriate fixes right now to the article!


If you do see any other documentation that needs updating or have a question on its content, feel free to let us know through a PM or report button at the bottom of the article!

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Is it possible with this to add someone to have different permissions to the single file under a folder they have lesser permissions to?

As an example - We provide clients with "Previewer Uploader" permissions to a "Root Folder." Within that folder we expect them to upload documents to us, but we also place a "tracking document.xlsx" file that allows them to mark items as uploaded and write comments to us. Is it possible to provide them "editor" permissions to the "Tracking document.xlsx" without providing them editor permissions to the entire folder (so as to prevent them from making changes to documents they upload to us). 


Hope this makes sense. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I've scoured forums to try and determine if this functionality works or not and have been unable to find a direct answer.



Hi @cf-cbohn,


Thanks for your detailed post!


Permissions in Box always follow our waterfall permission model. This means that when you add a user to a root folder with an editor access say for example, that same level of access is automatically inherited by all of the sub folders and files that exist in the structure at the time you add the user, as well as to any new folders/files that get created or added there later on.


Currently, there is not a way of changing this behavior in Box.


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Hi @France_V

Thanks for the explanation but that doesn't necessarily answer my question. I understand the waterfall permissions model, but my question was about whether or not higher permissions can be placed on an individual file under the root folder or only folders? Per my example - We have Person A with previewer uploader permissions to Root (Folder). There is FileA.xlsx in the Root folder which I would like to grant Person A Editor permissions to without granting higher permissions to the Root folder. Is this possible with the single file permissions capability in Box?

Please let me know.



Hey @cf-cbohn


I'm afraid this is not possible. To simply put, if Person A has previewer uploader permissions on Root (Folder), you won't be able to invite this person on any single file collaboration within that Root folder with a different permission. 


Hope this clarifies the confusion. Thanks for your question, and thanks for using Box!