Launched: New Navigation and Insights Dashboard for Admins

Box Employee
We have updated UI and usage/activity dashboard for admins! These changes focus on making it easier to get where you need in the admin console and by providing data about how Box is being used in your organization.


Admins can now see where Box is being accessed across the globe, storage/user/group counts, and segment by key activities (preview, upload, download, sharing, etc.) to understand exactly how Box is used and its ROI.


You can check this out by using the toggle you will see in your admin home page and go back and forth between the two experiences!


Starting in October, we will begin deprecating the old admin console UI and will provide more specifics as we get closer to that date.

For more information view our resources:

Box Certified Professional

I like the new insights dashboard. Need to poke around a bit more to soak in its true glory. It would be SOOO much more easily accessible if you would allow co-admins to set the Admin Console as their home page. Right now only super admin has that option. We don't allow use of our super admin account except for things only the super admin can do. Day-to-day administration is done by co-admins. Please, please, please let co-admins set admin console as home page.






Would love the ability to save a graph as a jpg etc.  I create a lot of reports around Box usage.

Box Certified Professional
I use a tool like Greenshot to capture screenshots straight to Box via Drive.
Box Certified Professional

The insights page is definitely a step in the right direction, and I like that the interface has been updated to the new experience. That said, I'm disappointed to see no improvement to reporting. Box simply does not have enterprise-level reporting and this is a point I've been raising for 4+ years. Why is there no filtering of Collaboration, Shared Link, and Files and Folders reports? Data dumps are too large to run locally so they must be requested from Box support which can take weeks to return. The enterprise Files and Folders dump is too large to even open, so this is useless to us. All of this hampers a client's ability to manage their enterprise and puts an extra load on Box support staff who should not be responsible for reporting. 

First-time Contributor

I like the layout of the new UI and the new Insights are great. Having a geographical view of usage is a major benefit in terms of driving adoption and will help a lot with targeted communications and training plans. 

Would be really helpful if we could assign Insights as an option under the Co-Admin roles. We have Business Engagement leads that would make use of this data but don't need and shouldn't have access to other Admin roles. 

Would also be great if we could drill down further into 3rd party app usage to get a more granular view on activity for each app e.g number of downloads, uploads, previews etc






Box Certified Professional

I would like to request "Delete" actions to be available in User Activity. This will be useful in checking the anomaly such as mass deletion.


Is this still being rolled out?  I have it pop up randomly and then revert back to the old Admin page on next login to Box.


I do clear my cookies & cache on browser exit.