Launched: Mark for Offline with Box Drive!

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Introducing Mark for Offline in Box Drive, our latest feature that enables you to mark any folders you need for offline access and easily work on the go.

Easily select the folders you want to work with offline and Box Drive will automatically download the latest version to your computer. Make any changes you like – the files will automatically get updated on Box once you’re back online.


This feature will be enabled for your users on Box Drive 2.0 over the next 24hrs.  If they would like to immediately receive it, they can quit and relaunch Box Drive!

To lean more read our Community documentation.

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HOORAY!!!! Haven't tested it fully yet, but still, excellent news! 


Hi, just wanted to ask, when are we going to get spotlight search (macOS) back, at least on the offline documents? Thanks.


Hi @Magneto,


Thanks for following up on this feature request to allow users to use their local machine search tool to search their Box Drive.


Currently, our product team has not made any public announcements about this feature, but you can use Box Drive's search functionality instead. 


Also, please continue to kudos or share your use case with us to show how this would benefit you. If you have not already submit a case to Box support, please share it with our team.


Thanks for your time in the Community and appreciate your help!


Hi @France_V


thanks for the reply. The Box search function is pretty gimped and hacky. I search with spotlight, it makes absolutely no sense to use a separate interface for search of Box documents. Also, the box search dows not support system integration, such as automator scripting, smart folders etc.


So, I hope this will get sorted out ASAP! In the meantime, I will continue using Box Sync to keep the ability to use Spotlight...


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The ability to choose what location the folders will sync to locally is critical to our organization, as space is sometimes limited on C with smaller SSDs and larger box directories.  I hope that this feature will be implemented like it is when you first configure box sync.

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@ldp-admin, in the meantime, it's possible to limit the size of Box Drive's local cache.


Instructions here:


I agree that it would be really beneficial to relocate the Box Drive cache directory; we haven't tried to do this yet ourselves.

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@royal Thanks, this is helpful info I had not seen before.  

The install directory was part of box sync and is usually an option on any syncing software you install, so I hope the dev team considers this.



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Will there be a time when Mark For Offline Use will also work for individual files in Box, not just folders?

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There are tons of problems with this new version.

1. Every day you plug in and turn on, it takes HOURS before you can actually use the Box Drive just sits there in the status "connecting to box".


2. Offline files are a furphy, you can tick the box to sync locally but if you turn on your machine and the above starts, your offline files are not available.


This is such a massive backwards step that I am uninstalling this version and going back to the old one. I am not sure what quality testing you guys are doing but i'd do some proper disciplinary action on whoever let this through.

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Hi @jmitch we are considering allowing users to mark individual files for offline access but have not committed to this feature yet. We appreciate your feedback!


@Ryan_ I'm sorry to hear about your experience and what you are describing is not expected behavior. Please open at support ticket at and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot the issue!

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@derekzhao what about syncing .key files? and what about changing the cache directory to an external drive?

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Hi @Cdlsal Box Drive supports iWork files including Keynote (.key) files as long as they are saved as single files and not package files. For more information on saving iWork files as single files, please see We are investigating adding support for package files with Box Drive but do not have committed plans yet. 

You currently cannot change Box Drive's cache directory location. I'll be happy to pass your feedback to the product team for this request!

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Yes but all the modern Mac's are using APFS... Those .key files used to work with Box Sync