Launched: Box for iOS 4.3.7

Box Employee
In this release, we have included the following enhancements and stability improvements:
  • This version has improved support for iOS 12
  • This is the last version that will support iOS 10
  • Users will now see an improved scrolling experience in Feed (enabled enterprises only)
Box Certified Professional

How about you include a basic function of @mention - commenting when users are sharing files/folders within a group setting in the admin console? I don't understand how an enterprise-level software dev team can plan a build for seamless functionality between all devices and fall this short when viewing, commenting and tasks are basic functions. @mention commenting does not work on mobile devices when users have been setup up with collaboration permissions from a group; resulting in permissions that fall to the file-level from cascading defaults. So our answer to users that are trying to send feedback to a specific user is "You can't do that." - This is not what we want to tell them or what they want to hear. @mention commenting is incredibly important with our mobile teams. We are an enterprise client, our cost and ROI is directly affected by this inadequate build.