Launched: Box Tools v4

Community Manager

Box Tools v4 has now been released to all existing Box Tools users.  All users should receive this update automatically.  Please remember that your environment must comply with the new system requirements to ensure continued use of Box Tools. 


Additionally, please take note of these important known limitations:


  • Box Tools v3 is not compatible with Chrome v66 which is scheduled to release on April 17th. Please ensure that users who will update to Chrome v66 have updated to Box Tools v4.  
  • After updating to Box Tools v4, some Chrome and Firefox users may incorrectly be shown a prompt to download Box Tools when attempting to open files to their desktop in the Box for Salesforce integration.  This should be resolved in a future release of Chromeand Firefox.  Users can still manually download, edit and upload files without using Box Edit or they can use Box Edit in the Box web application outside of the Box for Salesforce integration.