Launched: Box Tools v4.1.0

Box Employee
In this Mac-only release of Box Tools, we have included the following bug fixes and improvements:
  • Improved how Box Edit is identifying the default application for a file on macOS. This should result in fewer instances of a file opening in the incorrect application. 
  • Fixed a file download issue with Box Edit for certain Mac users.
  • Fixed a crashing issue if Box Edit was unable to obtain tokens in a particular way or encountered a particular upload error.
  • Fixed a bug where Box Edit was not saving a local back-up copy of Single File Collaborated files if the Box Edit user was removed as collaborator on the file on Box after the file was opened by Box Edit.
  • Renamed Box Edit's Finder extension from "Finder Sync Extension" to "Box Edit Finder Extension". The "Box Edit Finder Extension" is used for the iWork integration
  • Included minor bug fixes and improvements 
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