Launched: Box Drive GA

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We're excited to announce that the much anticipated general availability of Box Drive is finally here! Box Drive is our desktop app that makes it incredibly easy to work with all of your files — even billions of files — right from your desktop, without using up much hard drive space. For resources, visit our Box Drive Community Resource Page.


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Does that mean it is no longer called "Box Drive Beta"?


It would be great to get the Basics video from a Windows user perspective.


Great job Box Drive team!

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Yes @Herman2, Box Drive is no longer in Beta!
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Where do i download or get the webinar recordings or slides that are done recently for Box Drive GA release ?? I am still yet to get an email of it.

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I love Box Drive but have held off on rolling it out to remote employees who don't always have internet connection because they need capability to download certain files for offline use as was possible in Box Sync. Any word on if that has been included as a feature with the new release (selecting one or a few files that are available offline) or if that is coming down the pipeline? It works great for office employees but anyone that has large files that accesses them when they don't have internet access for whatever reason (remote jobsites, planes, etc) it's sort of a non-starter vs Box Sync. Is the proposed strategy to differentiate between employees that should use one or the other?

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I work for Emory University, and we are trying to find out who are CRM so that we can connect and discuss some of the advancements dicussed at the BoxWorks contract.

Can anyone help me?

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@J-Emory, I sent you a private note that may help.