Launched: Access Stats Interface Refresh

Box Employee

We’ve officially updated the Access Stats feature in the new web experience to make it easier than ever to see what’s been happening on a file, including:

  • Adding in 'Edit' and 'Comment' as additional activity types in Access Stats
  • Streamlining the Access Stats pop-up interface and totals
  • Allowing you to see more than the most recent 50 entries in the pop-up feed, and showing you recent updates in the right sidebar

For a before and after comparison, see here.

Box Certified Professional

Do you have a target ETA for the export function? "Shortly after" is pretty vague. 


I like the updates in the right sidebar, however each access type has a separate link that simply duplicates the function of the 'View Details' link. Separate links imply the ability to filter by access type. Will this ever be an option? If not, why display separate links when 'View Details' is already available? 


I still do not see the option to Export?  Is this a roll out deployment or do I need to enable something to see this?