Deprecation: Box support for Android on KitKat

Box Employee

Upon the release of Box for Android 4.10, which is expected to be available the week of February 12th, Box will no longer continue support for Android OS KitKat (4.4 - 4.4.4). However, users should not see any current interruptions utilizing the Box for Android application on version 4.9 and will still be able to utilize it on KitKat. Updated 9/10/2018: this will no longer be true as of November 12th, 2018 when Box TLS support ends.


As Box ends support for Android OS KitKat, users will no longer receive new app updates through the Google Play Store. Our support team will not be able to troubleshoot/resolve issues for users on KitKat and older operating systems. 


For those who would like to receive newer client updates, please update your Android devices to Android OS Lollipop or later. 

New Contributor

I have a hannspree titan it would seem that it is not possible to update the android system from kitkat how can I continue with box on this device?

New Contributor

Android doesn't give us any option to upgrade beyond 4.4.whatever. Does that mean box turns into a pumpkin at midnight or what?