Coming Soon: November Box Mobile Updates

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iWork Integration on iOS 4.3.9 EMM
  • In November, we'll release the iWork integration on the Box EMM app. This release enables you to preview and collaborate on Keynote, Pages, and Numbers files from within Box. Now you can co-author files in real-time, preview, create, and edit iWork documents in Box -- all while securely saving your changes back to Box. You can turn on this integration for your organization from the Admin Console: Settings > Apps. To enable collaborative editing, select "iWork Collaboration." To enable Box preview of iWork documents in browser, select "iWork Previews."  The iWork Integration Guide provides more information.
Box for iOS 4.3.9 Public and EMM
  • In the 4.3.9 release, we are updating the sharing interface and making it simpler for you to use. In the updated sharing interface, you'll conveniently see all the different sharing options you have. In addition, the updated sharing interface will be the same for all Sharing actions in the app. 
  • Box's new mobile device UI provides a unified and streamlined experience to make collaboration easy. To collaborate, you can either invite people to contribute to a shared file or folder, or send people a separate email containing a link to the shared file or folder.
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Could you please share the picture of the simplified sharing interface and is it only for non-EMM app?