Coming Soon: New Navigation and Insights Dashboard for Admins

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We will be updating our UI and usage/activity dashboard for admins. These changes focus on making it easier to get where you need in the admin console and by providing data about how Box is being used in your organization. Insights@2x copy.png


Admins will be easily able to see where Box is being accessed across the globe, storage/user/group counts, and segment by key activities (preview, upload, download, sharing, etc.) to understand exactly how Box is used and its ROI.
Insights shot 2@2x copy.png


We will be making our UI and usage/activity dashboard available for admins in early April.  You can check it out by using the toggle you will see in your admin home page when the functionality is ready and go back and forth between the two experiences.


Starting in October, we will begin deprecating the old admin console UI and will provide more specifics as we get closer to that date.

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This is very good news. Do you have a release date? 

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Hi @kaustin754,

We are hoping to bring this to you early April! 



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This going to help my team a lot. Awesome!! Smiley Happy
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This is great!

Any insight on the non-managed users or does this data only apply to managed users?

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Where exactly do you turn it on?