Coming Soon: Enhanced Sidebar with Favorites

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We are updating the left sidebar of the Web App to be even more useful and personalized than ever. This release includes a visual revamp of the sidebar, simplification of options (moving Collaborators page link to the avatar menu in header), and adding a full list of the user’s Favorites into the sidebar itself, making it even easier for users to access the content they care about most. This change will be gradually rolling out to all users beginning April 18, 2018 and finishing by April 30, 2018. Learn more here.


Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.24.22 AM.png

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1. Is there any way to sort the favorite items on the sidebar? Like folder first file later, or based on last modified date.

Also, how will double-byte (Japanese/Chinese) characters be sorted alphabetically?


2. Will it be possible to change the favorite item name on the sidebar, and will that change the actual name of the item? We saw many cases where users changed the item names in the favorites, which caused confusion to other collaborators and would like to request disabling this ability.


3. Will it be possible to nest/group the favorite items on the sidebar? We saw many cases where users wanted to organize or group their favorite items (e.g. move the folders shared by other people to the user's own folder), which caused the actual move of the items and made confusion to other collaborators and admin as well. I would like to request disabling this ability.


Box Certified Professional

Favorites is just a centralized listing of items you've marked. It does not possess powers unavailable elsewhere in Box. If you rename a file, regardless of where in Box you rename it, it will rename it for everyone who has access to it. Favorites does not allow you to reorganize assets you do not own.


My understanding is that this release is simply is a display of your Favorites list in the left nav, nothing more. I would not expect it to change anything about the Favorites other than to give you access from every page. I suspect the answer to your first question is that it will present whatever sort you are using on your Favorites page, but it would be great if @Howard could confirm.