Coming Soon: Box Tools 4.3.6

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This build resolves a critical issue identified in build 4.3.5.

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Will this fix the timeout issue with the Box Local Com Server service starting up?

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Could you please elaborate what the critical issue was?

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@hsandy this fixes the issue stated by @scottta - ultimately after the last Box Tools update, following a system restart box edit/tools stopped working. - This effected us quite badly (though we had a local fix in place after a day or so).

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We also had the issue of box edit/tools not working (starting) after a system restart.   

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Hi everyone @CSUChico@DBolton@hsandy and @scottta!


Yes you are correct that this will resolve the Box Local Com startup issue from 4.3.5. We're currently in the process of releasing Box Tools to all users  and we'll be sure to update you when we reach a 100% rollout.


The public installer is also already updated to Box Tools v4.3.6: Users can also download and manually install the latest version to update.


If you used the workaround of increasing the ServicesPipeTimeOut value (original notes here:, it should be safe to remove the registry change after updating to Box Tools v4.3.6.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Box Support team for more information!

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Thank you @DBolton@Howard.


Is the issue posted somewhere?

And is it something related to the log below? I had a report from user using Windows 10 that he could not open desktop application even though Box Edit was running, and the one I suspected as issue was below, but I could not find any info that seems related to it until seeing @scottta comment. 


[2018-09-18 08:02:26,694] [1    ] [INFO ] [] - CurrentUser RegistryKey not set

[2018-09-18 08:02:26,748] [1    ] [WARN ] [] - Box Local Com Windows Service is stopped on Admin install

[2018-09-18 08:02:26,799] [1    ] [INFO ] [] - Running pipe server using box_edit_pipe1 as pipe name

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Hi @hsandy,


For more details, you'll want to communicate this with our support team in your ticket regarding Box Tools.