Box Sync Promotion Removal notification

Community Manager

Starting at the end of November, we will be removing the Box Sync promotion that appears in the web application.  The main reason for this change is that Box Drive now supports Mark for Offline capabilities, so we'd encourage new users to use Box Drive to get unlimited access to all their cloud content from the desktop.  In the near future, we also plan to start displaying a Box Drive promotion to users enabled for the product to encourage them to download it.


Screenshot of current Sync promotion:




There is also an option within the admin console that allows administrators to enable or disable this promotion.  This setting will be deprecated in the near future.  In the meantime, any selections to this option will have no bearing on the Box product.


Screenshot of admin option for the Box Sync promotion:


box-image 2.png


There is no action required from users or administrators for this change.


Is there any intention of supporting Windows 8 for Box Drive? Due to some legacy software, we have a large user base still on Windows 8, and I'd love to be able to get them off Box Sync and onto Box Drive.