Available: Box Tools v4.2.0.453

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This release of Box Tools v. includes various enhancements and bug fixes which are outlined below.
  • Resolved an intermittent bug that we discovered were Box Edit was failing to open a recently edited file after that file had been saved and refreshed.
  • Signed a DLL in our installer that was mistakenly not signed by Box.
  • Added an additional data integrity check to ensure that files that are uploaded from Box Edit were not uploaded incorrectly.
Note: This post has been updated to reflect that Box Tools v. has started rolling out to customers and we anticipate a full roll out by next week.
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Which application is box tools? That link you provided doesn't mention it. it only lists


Box Drive

Box Notes

Box Edit

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Hi @John-iHerb, You'll want to download Box Edit, which is a component of Box Tools.
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Thanks @Howard I'm guessing Box for Office is also a part of Box tools?

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"Box Tools is the installer package for both Box Edit and Device Trust functionality." (per this page).  Box for Office is a stand-alone, Windows-only application. This document will give you good detail on Box for Office.





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Is this update also available in the static machine-wide installer link?



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@LiangJR - Yes.