If the cloud icon in the upper-right corner of your Box for iPhone or Box for iPad app is showing a red triangle with an exclamation mark, you may need to check for errors. This error icon will be displayed any time an action has failed, which may include file transfers (uploads and downloads), location changes, and item deletions. To check for errors and retry the actions or cancel them, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the cloud icon to open your Activity manager cloud icon error message
  2. Tap the error message to reveal the items and actions that have failed to complete
  3. Tap the x beside each item to cancel the action or tap each item to retry the action
  4. If you would like to retry the item, tap Retry in the confirmation message that pops up
  5. To cancel all the action items, tap the Cancel All button. To retry all the items, tap the Retry All button beside each action type.

    iphone activity manager error screen