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IMPORTANT   You are at risk of losing critical bundle data if you are running Box for Oracle NetSuite V 0.1.0.  To upgrade to the latest version, please file a ticket with Box Product Support at support.box.com. You'll receive help with the upgrade, and we will also help ensure you do not lose any data.  Please do not try upgrading on your own without our assistance.  Please see this technical bulletin for further details

This is a list of frequently-asked questions about the Box for Oracle NetSuite integration.  It is intended primarily for Box and NetSuite admins.



Can I force everyone in my organization to use the default folder structure I set up? That is, can I hide the “Choose Existing Folder” option?

Not at this time. It will become available in the future as an enhancement to this integration.


How do I migrate the existing contents of NetSuite file cabinets to Box folders?

You can’t – not yet. It is not part of this integration. NetSuite file cabinet files will need to remain where they are.


Can I modify the default folder structure?

Technically, you can. But it requires custom scripting and development, which is the responsibility of the NetSuite customer.


What if I associate a Box folder with a record for which people have different permission levels in Box? For example, what if they have edit access in Box but only view access for the NetSuite record?

The NetSuite role-based permissions associated with a record supersede their corresponding Box permissions. While typically you’ll assign permissions in Box that mirror the NetSuite record permissions, you have complete control to assign to folder members whatever access permission you want.


I have multiple instances of NetSuite.  Can I install Box for Oracle NetSuite and link them to a single Box account?

This is not a supported configuration.  You can link each Box enterprise/business only to a single instance of NetSuite (such as production, sandbox, and so on.)

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